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The Geneva Hallmark, the future is already here


This week, Timelab with the strong support of some of the amazing Geneva Watch brands like Vacheron Constantin, revealed a new technology that would refresh the Geneva Hallmark, le Poinçon de Genève.


It is about nano-technology and the aim to maintain the Hallmark very strong. The event took place at the Société des Arts headquarters at Palais d’Athénée in Geneva. The Société des Arts is the most ancient cultural society in Geneva founded in 1776. The interesting highlight of this place is that Société des Arts created the Horology school in 1824 and founded the Chronometry society in 1924. So it was a very symbolic place for the Swiss watch industry. You can read more about Société des Arts ici:


A tradition since 1886

The Geneva Seal (English), Poinçon de Genève (French), or Genfer Siegel (German) is the official seal of the City and Canton of Geneva, Switzerland. When a variation of the official seal is applied to wrist watch movements, the Geneva Seal is the quality seal of the Watchmaking School of Geneva and it has an official purpose as defined by the law.

The Office for the Optional Control of Watches of Geneva was legally inaugurated on 6 November 1886 (modifier by Law on 22 December 1993). It is charged with:

  • granting the State’s mark of approval of the State to watches presented by watchmakers established in Geneva.
  • to deliver or to authentificale certificates of provenance.

In application of the Law, the directive stipulates that:
The State’s mark of approval shall be grated to watch movements which, after due examination, are recognized as possessing all the qualities of excellence needed to comply with the standards required by the Directive and where the assembly, setting and casing is carried out in Canton of Geneva.

The Geneva Hallmark – 12 Historical Hurdles

The pre-2011 testing of the Geneva Hallmark required to meet the following 12 criteria.

  1.  The quality of all parts and components of the movement, including those used for auxiliary mechanisms, must comply with the standards prescribed by the Office for the optional inspection of Genevan watches. Steel parts must display polished angles and their sides parallel file strokes, their visible faces must be smoothed and polished, screw heads must be polished or circular grained and their rim and slot bevelled.
  2.  All movements must be fitted on the going train and the escapement with ruby jewels with polished hole. On the bridge side, jewels must be semi-mirror polished and their sinks polished. A centre-wheel jewel in the mainplate is not required.
  3.  The balance spring must be secured by a sliding stud cap with round head and neck. Mobile studholders are accepted.
  4.  Fitted or split indexes (regulators) with a fastening system are accepted, save on extra-thin movements where the system is not mandatory.
  5.  Regulating systems featuring a balance wheel with variable radius of rotation are accepted provided they comply with the conditions set out in Article 3, paragraph 1.
  6.  Geartrain wheels must be bevelled on their upper and lower sides and their sinks polished. For wheels 0.15 mm thick or less, bevelling on the bridge side only is tolerated.
  7.  Pinion shanks and faces must be polished.
  8.  A lightweight escape wheel is mandatory: no more than 0.16 mm thick for larger sizes or 0.13 mm for wheels less than 18 mm across; locking faces must be polished.
  9.  The lever’s angle of travel must be contained by solid bankings, to the exclusion of pins or studs.
  10.  Movements fitted with shock absorbers are accepted.
  11.  The ratchet and transmission (crown) wheel must be finished in conformity with prescribed models.
  12.  Wire springs are prohibited.

The Geneva Hallmark – Four Fresh Fences

From 2012, finished timepieces stamped with the Geneva Seal will need to pass four additional tests.

  1.  Testing of the accuracy of the watch over a continuous seven-day period. Manually wound and self-winding watches are tested on a machine simulating the movement of the wearer.
  2.  Testing of its water resistance. Hermetic value tested in the atmosphere and water-resistant watch must comply with the manufacturers’ claims.
  3.  Testing of the power reserve to ensure that it meets or exceeds the claim of the watchmaker.
  4.  Testing of its functions. All the functions of the watch are tested over one cycle.

The Geneva hallmark concerns (but not mandatory) any watch produced in Canton or city of Geneva. Today 4 watch brands are concerned by it: Vacheron Constantin, Cartier, Roger Dubuis and Chopard.

This tradition writes these amazing timepieces into a great heritage. By aquiring a watch with the Poinçon, you participate to the preservation of this great know how. The seal is awarded to watches only after an “official examination” to discern whether the watch movement possesses all the required characteristics required for the accolade. The characteristics require, at a minimum, that the watch was made in or made on commission by a qualified Genevoise craftsman from the City or Canton of Geneva.

The Poinçon de Genève goes high-tech

The process is very technical and hard to explain. It combines two technologies: Scanning tunneling microscope (STM) to write on metal structures (also called STM manipulation) and deposit of metal alloy (via a nanoparticle gel) creating a chemical mark. This allows writing, adding colors, drawing on metal. At the end you can always identify the chemical signature via a simple x-ray desktop machine that determines the element composition of the Hallmark.

We can now imagine a big database that would collect all individual chemical signatures of these Hallmarks. It could be a solution to fight against counterfeits, grey market…etc. It creates finally a robust mark, very precise, without any contact (low defects).

STM-Geneva Hallmark New hallmarking system for the Poinçon de Genève

A new collaboration was born: PHASIS is a specialist in Nanotechnologies, positioning, metallurgy and new materials. This company has been researching the development of applications that are useful for the Swiss industry in general and Geneva’s industries in particular.
The Nanostructural marking project exists since 2008 and it take a few years to finalize and approve the new technology. This new process will enable to mark precious metal objects and components where authenticity is essential. We could imagine several applications that would include jewellry, high-security aerospace parts, medical prostheses and instruments.
As this process uses nanotechnology, the marking alters metal surfaces at a microscopical level which enables the marking of tiny mechanical parts.

What are the interests of such technology? The first one is that there is no contact between the hallmarking tool and the metal piece to mark. This means it cannot be any possible alteration of surface of the metal piece by pressure or mechanical contact. Pressure deformation can be a problem when it comes to mechanical components. The engraving has no clearance angle which means that any fishing treatment post-hallmarking would not damage the Poinçon. The new technology preserves all the qualities of the Poinçon layout so you get a better definition, flexibility in terms of metals and the integrity of the component.

The new technology will fight the counterfeit

Inspired by the laser Tunnel technology, this new hallmarking will definitely make things harder for counterfeit companies. According to Swiss customs, there are in average 30 to 40 million fake Swiss watches put in circulation every year. To compare how big this counterfeit business is developing, the number and value of Customs’ seizures rose from CHF 400,000 and 18 seizures in 1995 to CHF 10,300,000 and 572 seizures in 2005. Today we estimate an annual loss of CHF 1 Billion. EU figures show that at least 54% of fakes seized in 2004 originated in China.They commonly retail anywhere from $5 to upwards of $1,000.
By protecting the Swiss heritage, we also maintain jobs and perpetuate the great tradition in excellence and luxury. With this new nanotechnology, there is even a possibility to place a chemical fingerprint that would even help the tracking of every single watch. This would probably help the fight against grey market.

collored-marks Marks can be collored within metal allow contained into nanoparticle gel

Please feel free to visit the Timelab website here below to get more information about their activities:

When heritage matches the future through cutting-edge technology, we open a new path of opportunities. This is the richness of such creative industry as Swiss Watch-making. Geneva has a special position in the Swiss industry as they were and still are the proud representatives of one of the most interesting industries of its kind.

Sébastien Eich and LA


Info sourced at the official press conference at Société des Arts, organized by Timelab, Watchpro, Microarc and Phasis. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available. 

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One month power reserve: Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier and CSEM launch Genequand regulator


Vaucher Manufacture and CSEM launch an innovative mechanical movement with one month power-reserve.

Devised by Pierre Genequand, a Flextech specialist employee of CSEM now in retirement, this technology revolutionizes the escapement and allow to increase drastically the power reserve from around 40 hours to 30 days minimum. The best prototype tested had 53 days performance !

Genequand System

7 years of development were necessary to achieve this revolutionary project. This mechanism produced by CSEM with replace the Swiss lever escapement and will sign the end of the “tic-tac” sound of traditional mechanical watch.

Using flexible articulations made by silicon micro manufacturing reduces the level of friction, energy consumption and finally increase precision.

A multidisciplinary team of 20 people overcame many challenges adapting such an innovation to the scale of a wristwatch and resolved one by one manufacturing problems.


Definitly, this is a good example of Swiss transfer of technlogy, from a research field concept to a desirable and luxury product.

Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier are actually working on its industrialization. They planned to commercialized it for the beginning exclusively under Parmigiani brand within 3 years.

Main specifications:

  • 3 components isochronism compensator, Wittrick oscillator, pallets
  • 86,400 vibrations per hour of the oscillator
  • 10 x 15 mm, dimensions of the system
  • 0.02 mm, strip thicknesses

Sebastien Eich

Info sourced by the author for All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.

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Guess Watches welcomes Apple to the watch-making industry. Really?


This month Apple revealed to the world the so expected Apple Watch. It was by far the biggest long-lasting buzz ever for Apple. And probably Guess Watches decided to surf on the Californian wave by sending an open letter to Apple. Cindy Livingston, Guess Watches CEO, sent a welcome letter to Tim Cook in person. At LuxuryActivist we were a little surprised by it.

“Dear Mr. Cook:

I wanted to write you and to welcome you to the Watch Industry…”

So according to Guess, they are intitled to welcome people on behalf of the entire Watch Industry. This affirmative sentence tends to sound awkward as it is hard to understand how a watch brand like Guess would have the right to say something so pretentieux. Even brand leaders like Swatch Group, Rolex or LVMH watch division would not dare to do so. As a reminder, Guess watches is a license developed by a company called Sequel AG, based in Zug, Switzerland and it was founded in 2007 by the Timex Group. Sequel AG is a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH. Does this gives the authority to Guess Watches to represent the Watch Industry in such controversial topic? Did the Watch Industry validated this action? Does Apple wish to be part of the Watch Industry? Not sure.

The Apple Watch is not even launched yet. We do not know how it is going to work. More than that, the Apple watch only work with an Iphone 5, 6 or 6 Plus. It is not an independent device. So we should, for now considered as an iPhone accessory rather than a true watch.

“… In the early 80′s, there was really only SWATCH (the brand) and GUESS Watches…”

Ok, here we need to replace things as they really were. What we call the Quartz revolution or Quartz Crisis, started already in the 70′s. Between 1970 and 1988, the Swiss Watch industry went from 90’000 employees to merely 28’000. Still today, the watch industry in Switzerland is under the 50’000 employees. When the first Quartz watch was introduced in 1969, American companies like Texas Instruments would start the production of cheap yet reliable Quartz Watches. 10 years later, by 1978, HongKong was the biggest exporter of Quartz watches. Asia took over this new market and most of American companies dropped this area, a part from Timex. While Swatch was bringing a revolution of its own since its creation in 1983, the bulk of production still came from offshore sites such as China and Japan, in digitally-dominated or hybrid brands like Casio, Timex, and Armitron. But the Swiss industry did not really wait for the 80′s to start the innovation of Quartz.

In 1968 an industrial consortium of Swiss watch manufacturers was created to mass produce what we would call the Beta 21 movement.  This was a true collaborative effort among otherwise competing watch companies, all of whom would be using the Beta 21 in their own branded quartz watches. The Centre Electronique Horloger (CEH) itself designed the module and produced the integrated circuit.  Ebauches SA (the forerunner of today’s ETA) manufactured the mechanical parts of the movement as well as the quartz oscillator.  Omega was responsible for producing the micromotor that powered the watch hands. This “motor” was really a vibrating unit that drove a tiny horizontal pendulum set to oscillate at 256Hz and this pendulum drove the hands by means of a ratchet and index wheel.

Some companies like Omega developed several innovations like the Omega Time Computer. Only 2 buttons. The first one would display seconds and the other one the day and the date.



We need to mention Hamilton with its Pulsar Watch, the first watch with a full LED screen. It was inspired by the prototypes created for the movie 2001 Space Odyssee.


Another interesting watch development was done by the Japanese company Seiko. They invented a series of computer-connected watches and one of them was launched in the 80′s, with a color-TV incorporated.


So as we can see the 80′s brought a lot of creativity from different brands. Generally economic crisis push companies to innovate or dye. The Quartz crisis hurt pretty much the Swiss Watch industry but it has also opened the doors of creativity and brought new actors into the market.

“… This week you delivered! Just as we had in the early 80′s…”

While Ms Livingston was claiming the amazing accomplishment that Apple did last week, she added that Apple accomplished as Guess did in the early 80′s. Why minimizing Apple’s accomplishment by saying Guess did it 20 years ago and then frankly, we are still trying to remember what as so outstanding in the 80′s for Guess. Guess Watches belonged to Callanen International Inc. Timex Group purchases Callanen International Inc in 1991 as well as several  regroupment of its businesses in terms of watches. For most of the Timex Group watch brands, several movements were purchased in China like the Semag movements or in Japan with the Miyota mechanisms. In 2005, Callanen International Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Timex Corp., has signed a new exclusive 10-year worldwide license agreement with Guess? Inc., ending a public dispute with Fossil Watches and a threatened multimillion- dollar lawsuit. The announcement of the new license came almost a month after Callanen International filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit to stop a proposed license agreement between Guess and Fossil Watches, and nine days after Guess and Fossil ended their negotiations about it. At this time Cindy Livingston was CEO of Callagan.

In 2007, Timex Group founded Sequel AG headquartered in Zug, Switzerland with satellite offices in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Toronto, and Norwalk, Connecticut. Sequel AG is a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH, and a global licensing agreement gives Sequel AG the exclusive distribution rights for GUESS Watches worldwide. Sequel AG distributes GUESS Watches in over 100 countries worldwide through a network of distributors and 20,000 retail points of sale.

Not that simple to understand the Guess Watches ecosystem. The Guess collection watches contains Swiss-Made movements, Quartz Ronda movements. Ronda, the second largest Swiss watch ebauche manufacturer (after ETA) produces about 32 million movements a year (vice 100 million for the Swatch conglomerate). They produce in Switzerland and in a facility in Thailand.

Guess watches as a Fashion brand watch is doing a good job in the segment they represent. Ms Cindy Livingston is a passionate person and a great business leader as she navigates throughout all the storms of the 80′s and the 90′s.

CINDY-LIVINGSTONHere is the original letter from Ms Cindy Livingston, CEO of Guess Watches. Please click on the image below to enlarge. She is completely free to send a letter to whoever she wants but by addressing an open letter to Tim Cook, as Guess is preparing a new digital watch launch, it sound to us more like a opportunistic tactics. In deed, Guess has signed a collaboration contract with Martian Watches, a producer of wearable devices. Here is what you can read on Martian official press release: “GUESS Watches, an international fashion watch leader, and Martian Watches™, an award-winning California-based smartwatch developer, announced today a global strategic partnership to develop interactive, voice-command wrist accessories. In the presence of GUESS’ distribution partners that service over 100 countries across the globe, SEQUEL’s Chief Operating Officer, David Yim, and Martian Watches President, Stan Kinsey together outlined a vision of smart wearables, “powered by Martian”, that create a synergy of Fashion and Technology. The announcement was made today at SEQUEL’s global distributor conference at The Boca Raton Resort & Club, a Waldorf Astoria Resort. The companies expect to announce specific products by early 2015.” So for all the reasons mentioned above, we do not believe it is a smart move for Guess Watches in terms of Brand communication. You can see by yourselves here below. Just click on the image to enlarge the size. This is the official letter sent by Sequel AG to the Press. They are launching the new connected devices at the same time as Apple. Too bad.


In such busy times in which the Swiss watch industry is literally pressured by the launch of smart watches, I am not sure that the Swiss Watch industry would send such an official communication to Apple. In this case, we should also give some room at Baselworld for an Apple Booth. Why not.



Info sourced at the official communication release of Guess Watches, Wikipedia, All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available. 

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A Room with a View – 5 Luxury Apartments in Paris, with Amazing Views


Paris: the tantalizing, never­aging goddess. Living in Paris may truly be a unique experience, as the affluent can benefit here from the best of everything that makes life worth living. The City of Light is not just the Capital of France, but the Capital of elegance, refinement and good taste, in terms of gourmet cuisine, fashion and architecture.

Paris is divided into 20 arrondisements, arranged in the form of a spiral and starting in the center, on the Right Bank of the Seine. The fanciest and most expensive are the 6th, home to many artists and celebrities in the past, the 7th, that includes the Eiffel Tower and the Dome des Invalides, the 8th, where one can find the Arc du Triomphe and Place de la Concorde, or the 16th, the quiet residential, upper­class area, the least populated of the arrondisements.

High­class Parisian architecture is defined by the quality of the materials, the elegance of the adornments and the importance granted to light. The tall, beautiful windows, the eyes of Parisian buildings, let light flood the wonderful, generous interiors. But if one wishes to grasp the quintessential of living in Paris, an exceptional view is needed on top of all the above. Here is a list of five beautiful apartments in some of the most sought­after arrondisements in Paris and offering the most amazing views in the Capital of France.

1. A view over the Eiffel Tower

Many might categorize this image as a cliché, but the Eiffel Tower was, at the time of its display at the 1889 World’s Fair, a symbol of progress and faith in the future. This apartment in the 16th district integrates the view over the famous monument into an artistic, contemporary décor that leaves no room for clichés.



2. A view over the Seine

The famous and romantic river that crosses the Capital of France has two natural islands: Ile de la Cite and Ile de Saint­Louis. This view over the Seine is captured from an apartment situated in a beautiful Art Deco building, on the Island of Saint­Louis. The bridge consisting of multiple cast iron arches was built in 1876, is called Pont Sully and offers, at its turn, extraordinary views over the island and the Notre­Dame cathedral.



3. A view over the Dome des Invalides

An architectural tribute brought to the military history of France, the Dome des Invalides, a complex of monuments built in the 17th Century is, at its turn, an impressive sight. This bright apartment in the 7th arrondisement, offers a view over the golden cupola shining in the memory of France’s glorious past.



4. A view on the Bois de Boulogne

The Bois de Boulogne (Boulogne Woods) is yet another indisputable symbol of the city. Created in the 19th Century and including 845 hectares of greenery, it is two and a half times larger than the Central Park in New York. As Paris is quite a crowded city, a view over the old trees of Boulogne, such as the one offered by this apartment in the 16th district, is a luxury in itself.



5. A view over the Arc du Triomphe de l’Etoile

Probably among the most emblematic views an apartment in Paris could offer, the Arc du Triomphe stands at the Western end of the Champs­Elysee, majestically honouring French heroes. The monument sumptuously appears in the frames of the many tall windows of this residence in the 8th arrondissement, adding value to its beauty and elegance.


Should you wish to browse a greater collection of luxury apartments in Paris, please visit Proprietes Parisiennes Sotheby s International Realty, the official representative of Sotheby’s in the Capital of France.

Andreea Moisa


Info sourced by the author exclusively for All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available. 

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Don’t Make these Mistakes When Purchasing Pre-Owned Luxury Goods


Pre-owned luxury goods are everywhere these days, and for those who have just a small amount of time on their hands and the will to find stunning bargains, the rewards are great. At the other end of the spectrum lie the fakes, damaged goods, and other problem items that really aren’t worth your time or your money.

Mistake #1: Failure to Research

Finding pre-owned luxury goods for sale can be very exciting, and sometimes that excitement can get in the way of reason. Before making even a small investment in an item that appeals to you, do a little research to ensure that it is worth buying, and that it is something you really want. This piece of advice holds true whether you want the item for yourself, or if you are planning to resell it once it has arrived. Purchases driven primarily by emotion are often mistakes.

Mistake #2: Failure to Authenticate

Unfortunately, cheap knockoffs are everywhere. Fake watches, handbags, and jewelry are abundant. If you’re an expert, you may be able to authenticate items yourself once they are in your hands, but as many of the best deals are found online, it is absolutely vital that you purchase only certified, authenticated goods.

Mistake #3: Failure to Have Items Appraised

Some things don’t require appraisal – we’re talking coveted designer clothing and other lower-value items. Others, including luxury watches and jewelry – particularly if it contains diamonds or other gemstones – absolutely must be appraised prior to investment. A professional, unbiased appraisal such as Worthy appraisals, an appraisal from a trusted local jeweler, or a GIA appraisal is a must-have.


Mistake #4: Buying Items without Guaranteed Returns

What happens if the Birkin bag isn’t just right, or if the diamond ring that arrives in the mail doesn’t exactly match the description and photos that accompanied it at auction? You ought to be able to return items if they are not what you paid for, so ensure that you purchase only from sellers and companies that guarantee returns when warranted.

Mistake #5: Failure to Read and Understand Business Policies

Honest sellers have honest business policies, and many have some great reviews behind their names. Whether you are purchasing from a pawn shop, a consignment store, an eBay seller, or someone else, there should be a clear understanding concerning all costs associated with the purchase as well as other details surrounding the transaction. Dishonest sellers often drum up excitement, offer deals that seem to be too good to be true, and resort to other shady business transactions.

Mistake #6: Failure to Communicate

Communication should be open and honest, no matter what type of pre-owned luxury items you are purchasing. Motivated sellers are happy to answer questions, and they never hesitate to provide information. If a seller seems dishonest or recalcitrant, or acts as though they don’t have time for you, find a different seller to deal with.

Rachel Thompson


Info sourced by the author exclusively for All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.  Featured image source here for illustration purposes only.

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Turner at the Tate Britain, finally!


For the first time, the astonishing creative work of J.M.W. Turner was gathered to create an amazing exhibition. The Tate Britain is proud to present Turner late works from 1835 to his death in 1851. These late years were probably the ones in which the artist produced some of the best artwork of his career. So if you are in London, you should definitely go and check this exhibition.

J.M.W. Turner, master of Romantism

Joseph Mallord William Turner was an English Romantic landscape painter, water-colourist, and printmaker. He lived in the 18th century and many considered him as the painter of light and to preface all the Impressionism period that followed. Nobody know for sure when exactly Turner was born. The only written document found was his baptism certificate in which says he was baptized on May 14th 1775.  After several years of self-learning, Turner entered the Royal Academy of Art schools in 1789, when he was 14 years old, and was accepted into the academy a year later. Turner exhibited his first oil painting at the academy in 1796, Fishermen at Sea: a nocturnal moonlit scene of The Needles, which lie off the Isle of Wight. The image of boats in peril contrasts the cold light of the moon with the firelight glow of the fishermen’s lantern.


Turner enjoyed travelling. He did several trips to France and Switzerland in the early 19th Century, In 1802 he studied one year at the Louvre in Paris. He was obsessed with light. For him, light was the revelation of everything. Light was the filter that would allow the artist to see things as they really are, not as they seem to be. What is striking in every single painting of Turner is the contrast between light and shadow and the predominant place that light takes in the scenery.

Turner died in the house of his mistress Sophia Caroline Booth in Cheyne Walk in Chelsea on 19 December 1851, and is said to have uttered the last words “The sun is God”. At his request he was buried in St Paul’s Cathedral, where he lies next to Sir Joshua Reynolds. His last exhibition at the Royal Academy was in 1850.

 Tate Britain, brings back the light for Turner

For several decades, Turner work was kept aside the public and only experts and passionate people from the Romanticism period (like me) would give such importance to the work of J.M.W. Turner. some say that impressionism would have been nothing without Turner. The 19th century Romanticism would not have existed without Turner artwork. The Tate Britain is dedicating an entire exhibition to the painter. It is called the Late Exhibition, as it narrates the late years of the artist until his death.


By gathering as many artworks as possible, some from the UK and others from abroad, it is the biggest and the first art exhibition dedicated to Turner alone. You cannot miss it. The highlights of the exhibition include important pictures as Ancient Rome, Agrippina Landing with the Ashes of Germanicus and Modern Rome – Campo Vaccino, rarely reunited since first exhibited together in 1839; The Wreck Buoy 1849; and magnificent watercolours like Heidelberg: Sunset c.1840 and the seldom-seen Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland c.1837.


Ancient Rome by Turner

Some oil on canvas made during his trip to Switzerland will also be exposed.  Switzerland became a very fashionable destination by the end of the 18th century. There was a complete contemplation of nature by men, especially Mountains. For some practical reasons as well, many people suffering from Tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases would be advised to go to the mountains as the air was dryer and healthier than in the cities.


Goldau, with the Lakeof Zug in the Distance by Turner

The-Blue-Rigi, Sunrise

The-Blue-Rigi, Sunrise by Turner

The Tate also decided to bring in addition to the main artwork, major series including a group of unusual square pictures. You will be able to admire Turner’s innovative techniques.

The exhibition is curated by Sam Smiles, Professor of Art History and Visual Culture, Exeter University, with David Blayney Brown, Manton Curator of British Art 1790–1850, Tate Britain and Amy Concannon, Assistant Curator 1790–1850, Tate Britain.

From 10 September 2014 – 25 January 2015
Tate Britain
United Kingdom

You cannot ignore J.M.W.Turner work as he was probably the biggest painter of his generation and one of the most innovative as well. His painting crossed many lines and gathered several techniques. Some of his master pieces were the base for the Impressionism and Romanticism movements that followed his time. So yes, you can go to London and be taken away by the astonishing universe of J.M.W. Turner.



Info sourced at the Tate Britain official communication material, the Exponaute and wikipedia. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.

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Savelli Genève, when grace and technology meet, it reveals a secret garden.


The smartphone business is a huge market in which strong players are fighting for their market shares. When you are a company competing in such intense environment you have 2 choices. Either you go for the fight and try to get a piece of the cake from the big players, or you innovate and you take a different approach. And this is the case of Savelli Genève. Their approach of the smartphone business is based on ultimate luxury and poetry in the palm of your hand. Going away from technologic gadgets, Savelli Genève proposes a beautiful and well thought collection of smartphones in which you can have a high-level of of customization. Each phone is a jewel that every woman would dream to have. More than a phone, it is a Savelli phone. And for that it is our company of the month.


When you ask Savelli why did they choose to establish themselves in Switzerland, the answer is pretty straight forward. They explain they wanted to gather exceptional know how around jewelry and technology. Only a place for that: Switzerland. Switzerland and especially Geneva developed an amazing know-how and tradition in terms of Jewellery, watch-making and high-tech in general. What you need to know is that every single phone by Savelli is a piece of art, all assembled in Switzerland.

At the beginning there was “the line”

For every amazing design, there is always a starting point and for Savelli smartphones it is what we call the  line of grace.  This is an interesting concept developed and analyzed by William Hogarth in the 18th century in a book he wrote about aesthetics and art called The Analysis of Beauty. Here are some illustrations from the book.


William Hogarth is an english painter, sculptor and engraver born in the 18th century. Hogarth wrote and published his ideas of artistic design in his book The Analysis of Beauty (1753).[17] In it, he professes to define the principles of beauty and grace which he, a real child of Rococo, saw realized in serpentine lines (the Line of Beauty). The line of beauty or line of grace display a perfect balance between aesthetics, diversity and femininity. Nothing more elegant, beautiful and mind-blowing than an outstanding woman silhouette.


By designing everything from this principle of perfect harmonious beauty, Savelli created the ultimate feminine phone in which elegance, sensuality and luxury play together as a master-piece.


 The phone is your modern jewel

More than a mobile phone, Savelli creations are true jewels made from the best of the best of craftsmanship. From precious metals to amazing gems, stones and different leathers or ceramic, your Savelli phone will always be an unique luxury piece.



All details of the phone are amazingly subtle and refined. You find the line of grace everywhere. The top part that represents what Savelli call the “heart” of the phone, translates the touch of uniqueness and also all the work of craftsmanship you can see in the watch.



Amazing Know-how at its best

This result can only be accomplished thanks to great in-house talents from many artisans. Every aspect of this luxury smartphone is taken care by an expert on his domain. Savelli truly gathered a dream team from jewelry and fashion experts, to softwares designers and high-tech experts. All details are important and they have enough talents so that every single amazing detail is treated millimeter by millimeter. It is an unique brand. They buy all components individually and assemble all parts in Geneva. Some details like the double sided-round Sapphire glass are just out-of-this world.



And it is still an advanced Mobile phone

Savelli is working with Google Android. Not only because is one of the most advanced OS today, market leader in terms of units sold, but also because it is open source and can be customized for the needs and aims of Savelli. The entire environment is personalized from Factory and the user can of course customize the screens and functionalities. The phone has a 32GB memory, micro USB, Bluetooth, WIFI 802.11 b/g, GSM QuadBand coverage worldwide (850/900/1900 Mhz), PC and MAC synchronization.


There are some interesting functionalities developed by Savelli. The first one is the “Mirror”. It is an application in the main menu that activates the front facing camera for your convenience.  Several choices of frames ara available, so you can customize your mirror, from Snow white to hollywood starts. The second interesting app is the Flashlight. This application available in the main menu activates the screen in bright white light so that you may use it a flashlight in a dark environment. Final but definitely not least, the Jardin Secret app. In French:  Secret Garden. Here is how Savelli explains the functionality of this app: wherever you travel, your Jardin Secret app suggests events and experiences to surprise, spoil and inspire. Pinpointed to your location. Shaped to your interests and tastes. Once you have inserted your Sim card and preferably when you have a Wi-Fi connection, go through the simple registration to create your account. A personalization call is scheduled in order to tailor experiences to your own preferences. This last app is for the moment in development, so Savelli is finalizing the details that will bring your experience beyond the simple Concierge service.


Last but not least, the ringtone. Naturally you can upload your own ringtone, but please note that all ringtones installed in the smartphone were developed by famous DJ Stephane Pompougnac, resident at Hotel Costes.


A beautiful Communication story with Julia Roitfeld by Patrick Demarchelier

The only way Savelli would develop a lifestyle more than “another mobile phone brand” was to gather the best people possible. They hired people from the luxury industry, from fashion brands to luxury jewelry and timepieces. The result is a set of luxury references that will bring the brand territory to an unique position in the high-tech industry. The communication campaign was shot by the amazing Patrick Demarchelier and features Julia Roitfeld, the daughter of Karine Roitfeld.  Here are some of the great shots created for Savelli in which the talented photographer and model tell the story of this great relationship between a woman and her phone. Here is our mood video about the photo shooting.

Savelli will be attending the sixth edition of the annual amfARevent in Milanon 20thSeptember 2014,giving its contribution towardsthe fight against Aids.SAVELLI, which hascreated the world’s first luxury smartphonesdedicated to women, announces a unique bespoke edition -“Savelli Diamond Rain with pink gold, diamonds and green python” to be up for auctionat the amfAR gala dinner on September 20th


The brand is already distributed in Europe and around the world. If you wish to know more about Savelli, do not hesitate to check the official brand:

When amazing talents get together, only amazing things can result of their collaboration. Savelli Genève is an unique brand with a specific position. It’s been a while that we did not see a true innovation in the smartphone industry. While Apple and Samsung get into the sharks fight, Savelli Genève goes away from this old fight. Savelli Genève build more than phones, it proposes a companion for your life, including your deepest secrets.



Info sourced at Savelli official communication material, wikipedia and All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.  

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Vacheron Constantin opens its first store in Japan.


Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin opens its first store in Tokyo. The Swiss company picked up one of the most prestigious address right in the middle of Ginza district – Chuo Street.

Vacheron Constantin Opens Tokyo Store

Vacheron Constantin is opening its first ever store in Japan. Until now the Swiss watch-maker had only point of sales via its commercial partners. It is about 24 point of sales around the country, from Tokyo to Hiroshima, Kyoto, Aichi, Osaka or Kanagawa among others. In Tokyo several distributors were keeping the brand presence in high-standards, from sales to Service centers. By opening a owned-store in the heart of the luxury area in Tokyo, Vacheron Constantin reinforce its aim to take good care of the Japanese market. This presence will also highlight the importance of Japanese customers as well as commercial partners. It is a great investment for the Swiss brand and their determination places their ambition quite high.

Ginza, the place to be


Ginza is a district of Chūō, Tokyo, located south of Yaesu and Kyōbashi, west of Tsukiji, east of Yūrakuchō and Uchisaiwaichō, and north of Shinbashi. It is known as an upscale area of Tokyo with numerous department stores, boutiques, restaurants and coffeehouses. Ginza is recognized as one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world. The world-renowned district, offering the most luxurious shopping experience with high-end international boutiques and upscale department stores, is the perfect place for Vacheron Constantin to offer its high level of sophistication and commitment as well as exceptional hospitality to local clients.

Vacheron Constantin Ginza brings more service

The new store will offer 140m2 of luxury atmosphere. The store will welcome watch enthusiasts, collectors, and connoisseurs, displaying exquisite timepieces in refined showcases.  An in-house watchmaker will offer onsite after-sales service and demonstrate the tradition of aesthetic excellence that defines Vacheron Constantin.


This first store is going to work as the brand flagship in Japan and for that, it will contain all the Vacheron Constantin collections including special series as exclusives for the boutique. They will have 3 limited editions for the launch. One Traditionnelle 14-day tourbillon, one Traditionnelle and one Overseas Dual Time. All completely dedicated to this Japan Boutique. It is a strong symbol to celebrate the opening of their first owned-boutique. These 3 limited editions will also celebrate Vacheron Constantin’s philosophy of watch-making excellence and perfection.


Overseas Dual Time – Catalog model

Another very important point to highlight is the presence of the Bespoke service: “The Ateliers Cabinotiers“. This exclusive service allows a deep customization of Vacheron Constantin timepieces, so that lucky customers will be able to make a one-of-a-kind timepiece through a collaboration with the Maison.

Vincent-Gouget-Vacheron-Constantin-JapanWhen Vincent Gouget, Vacheron Constantin Japan Brand Director is asked to express his opinion about this new opening, he cannot hide his excitement and proud in the accomplishment of such great project. Here is what he declared for the press: “We are delighted to open our first long-awaited Japan Boutique in Ginza. We are very proud to open our first flagship store on the prestigious Chuo Street, providing one of the largest watch stores in the area. This will be an important milestone for the Manufacturer to further reinforce its presence in Japan and on the global map.

 Ginza is definitely the place to be in terms of Luxury shopping. All the exclusive and high-end brands are there. Vacheron Constantin highlights the importance of Japan for them and renew the commitment to this very specific market that has high-expectancies from Western brands. If you want to know more about Vacheron Constantin, you can visit the official website here:

The store will open by the end of the year and will be an example in terms of state of the art in the customer welcome and collection presentation. All the best for Vacheron Constantin new adventure.



Info sourced at Vacheron Constantin official communication release. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available. 

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#AppleWatch : what about #LeftHanded ????

#AppleWatch : what about #LeftHanded ????