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Absolut Andy Warhol Edition, 2 great spirits!


This month, Absolut Vodka launched its new Limited Edition called the ANDY WARHOL EDITION. This new version of the iconic Absolut Vodka bottle reflects the creation made by Andy Warhol. In 1986Absolut Warhol became the first artist commissioned to create a portrait of the Absolut Vodka bottle in what would become one of the most successful advertising campaigns of the twentieth century. Following the triumph of the ‘Absolut Warhol’ ads, the president of the company that owned Absolut, Michael Roux, encouraged Warhol to suggest other artists which could be used in the campaign. Over the years more than three hundred and fifty artists have been commissioned, including Keith Haring and Ed Ruscha – both suggested by Warhol. In 1988, alongside the famous names, Roux began selecting less well-known artists, viewing the commission as an opportunity to launch their career. Interestingly, although Warhol never usually drank alcohol, he did use Absolut as a perfume (


Andy Warhol, the inventor of the modern era?

Andy Warhol was one of the biggest creative minds  of the 20th century. With his work, art pushed the boundaries of art and started collaborations with fashion and many other brands. It was also a different look into things that our modern society would take as references. One of the fathers of Pop-Art, Andy Warhol was passionate by advertising and visual arts. He was inspired by Mass consumption, advertising and popular culture. Multi-disciplinary, Andy Warhol was a painter, a movie director and Magazine owner among other things.


He founded Interview magazine, wrote books, directed video clips and even had his own talk-show on MTV. Considered as one of the most influential personality of the 20th century, he passed away on February 22nd 1987 at the top of his glory. All art disciplines were not the same anymore after the storm called Warhol. He revolutionized the way contemporary artists would reflect their work within modern society and he opened the doors to creativity like no one else did in the past.

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, his legacy

At his death, the Andy Warhol foundation for the Visual Arts was founded based on the last will of the artist. It was founded in the USA under the protection of the most important patrons for arts. Since its creation, the Foundation invested more than 250 million dollars to promote creation, exhibitions and proper archiving of art creations. With these actions, the foundation pursuits the amazing work of Andy Warhol around the world. You can read more about the foundation here:



Absolut Andy Warhol Edition, Pop Art “in” a bottle

Back in the 80′s, when Andy Warhol saw for the first time the iconic bottle of Absolut Vodka, he declared: “I love this bottle, I need to do something with it“. Since then, Absolut Vodka worked with several artists in the world to keep the iconic bottle as an interesting source of inspiration for artists, as it was the case for Warhol. With this new edition, part of the sales will be transferred to the Andy Warhol Foundation in order to support the valorization of Visual Arts. The Foundation congratulates Absolut Vodka to keep Andy Warhol’s legacy alive and to inspire so many artists.




Andy Warhol was inspired by the Absolut iconic bottle. He was fascinated by the purity of the lines. Andy Warhol saw in the Absolut bottle endless possibilities as the transparency and the design of the Absolut logo gave wings to creativity. That is why Warhol presented the Absolut vodka bottle to Keith Haring who then decided to create as well an advertising, one of the iconic ads for the brand.


The Andy Warhol Edition respects all the traditions of the Swedish brand. The back of the bottle is black which highlights Andy Warhol creation in the bottle’s front side. The characteristics Pop Art colors are present: blue, pink and yellow.





The new Absolut edition will be available in Switzerland from November 2014 and all over the world during a new international roll-out.  You can check the brand official website to learn more about this amazing new edition here:

Absolut successfully distilled the spirit of Warhol in this new creation that will please the eyes and the taste of all fans around the world. It is a must have!



Info sourced at Absolut communication release. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available. 

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Exclusive interview - Laura Adrianna Romanin, creative director for AUDREYMAG.CH


Discover this exclusive interview with the Stylish Laura Adrianna Romanin, Creative Director for AUDREYMAG.CH Magazine. The interview was conducted by Katrien Verhassel, Stylist and Fashion Blogger at Your Style and it is an exclusivity for

Having met Laura Adrianna Romanin earlier on this year at a SWAP SHOP event in Luzern, I took the opportunity to interview her right after London Fashion Week. Here is what she had to say…

 Katrien Verhassel (KV): When did AUDREYMAG.CH Magazine launch and what kind of women read this magazine?
Laura Adrianna Romanin (LAR): Less than 24 months ago, AUDREYMAG.CH was re-branded and re-launched under my leadership here in Zurich, Switzerland. A new, innovative online and quarterly premium magazine that fits the context of the women we represent:  smart and stylish women who lead with a global perspective and flair.  And being stylish is ultimately an attitude that sets us apart from other magazines. There is a new “style” among women here in Switzerland and AUDREYMAG.CH fulfills that need. Our cover stars include changing women from pop-soul sensation STEFANIE HEINZMANN, former Miss Switzerland turned model and ward winning actress MELANIE WINIGER, to recently heiress of Galerie Gmurzynska, ISABELLE BSCHER.
AUDREYMAG.CH uncovers the latest in culture, career advice, latest innovations from watches and jewelry to real estate and finances, to family life and first time modern mothers. We aim to encourage, inspire and further educate our highly engaged readers with its unique and powerful design, the best photographers, and a well of award-winning writers. And above all, we continue to support new and existing businesses led by women and offer the best-edited outlet content for trending topics.

Laura Adrianna Romanin

Laura Adrianna Romanin

KV: What is your most popular column?
LAR: The ‘FASHION & TRENDS’ section is our most popular column. Topics include latest designers and retail stores opening up in Switzerland, upcoming hot fashion trends and fresh new looks. My team and I often travel and bring back inspirations, know-how and trend knowledge to women here so they’re constantly updated.

KV: How is AUDREYMAG.CH expanding?
LAR: AUDREYMAG.CH has unveiled to be one of the leading premium magazines due to the demand in distribution. Not only sold via traditional channels, throughout the 53 cantons, selected bookstores, supermarkets, travel outlets and most recently various luxury hotels and spas abroad have now requested bundled subscriptions for each room.  The last 24 months have been intense: Whisked away to designer invites from leading fashion houses abroad, sitting in discussions with UN diplomats (our new initiative being announced later this year), collaborating with my talents like AZIZA ZINA to create an haute couture dress made out of less than 25 IL TAVOLO napkins (in less than 48 hours!) for the event earlier this year, and being media partners for high profile events – AUDREYMAG.CH nearly doubled in readership both online and in print the last quarter!  I think the right people are paying attention now (advertisers in particular) due to AUDREYMAG.CH’s real influence in reaching various communities instantly.

KV: Having participated at LFW SS15, what where some of your most memorable moments?
LAR: Stella McCartney’s Carpet Collection was inspiring as she only used sustainable materials. Sleeveless coats and see-through layers where also highlights, and Burberry did it best by using high-waist sheer lace skirts with pastel hued underwear.

KV: What are some of your favorite fashion items now?
LAR: Great for the office is my Jonathan Saunders long slouchy skirt and the alpaca-blend blanket cape by Chloé. This cape is a great transitional piece to wear from am to pm.

KV: As a women entrepreneur, what are some fashion and style tips you could share?
LAR: Always look polished. This includes getting regular manicures (hands say a lot about your appearance), aim for a low maintenance hairstyle and mix your style so it reflects your personality. Even if you’ve been working all night, your appearance should not reveal that.

Check out www.AUDREYMAG.CH today if you haven’t already and subscribe to be inspired by Laura Adrianna Romanin and her team!  

Written by Katrien Verhassel. Katrien is Founder, Stylist and Fashion Blogger at Your Style.
Your Style offers personal styling services to women, men and businesses in Switzerland and aboard. Katrien regularly writes and publishes news on different styles, fashion tips, style stories, designers, brands, retailers and events on To book your styling session or for styling questions, contact Katrien at or call + 41 79 264 34 88.

 Info sourced by its author exclusively for All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available. 

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Zenith Watches, the star is in the horizon


Certain brands are forever and some of them shine bright like stars. It is the case of Zenith Watches, one of the rare authentic “Manufactures” that produces its movements in-house since 1865.  Here are some key dates, iconic creations and a snapshot on the Company activities.

Zenith, a piece of history like a star crossing time.

Zenith is one of the leading Watch-makers in Switzerland with a worldwide aura. It was founded in 1865 by visionary 22 years old man, Georges Favre-Jacot in Le Locle (Neuchatel Canton) who dreamed to create the first manufacture capable of making the most reliable and accurate watches ever imagined.

Founder Georges Favre-Jacot[/caption]

Georges Favre-Jacot chose the city of Le Locle to found a manufacture named “Fabrique Billodes.” At this time, large numbers of watchmakers worked at home in various scattered workshops with no direct links to each other. Thus, it was the first to build on the territory of Switzerland spacious and bright buildings dedicated to watchmaking, building on the model of the Waltham Watch Company. He gathered no less than 80 watchmaking professions under one roof combining grand traditions and significantly advanced production technology.

Zenith_Le_ Locle_Billodes

The first industrial watchmaking manufacture was born and began to develop new production machinery and procedures. The goal was to to increase reliability and precision by developing the concepts of automation and interchangeable components.


Historic facade of the Manufacture Zenith bearing the initials of its founder, Georges Favre-Jacot

This strategy was a success and they produced quickly some of the most accurate watches ever made with chronometric (precision-timing) performance. In 1899, the manufacture launched its first pocket chronograph and won one year later the Gold Medal at the Paris Universal Exposition. By 1900, the Zenith manufacture employs 10% of the entire population of Le Locle.


Georges Favre-Jacot will pass the company to his son, James Favre in 1911, who will change the company name for Zenith, a term referring to the highest point in the sky and symbolizing the level of excellence that the brand has to pursue. Both elements also comes from the founder’s passion for astronomy, especially the complexity of movements in space among stellar elements. During 6 decades, Zenith won less than 2333 prizes in chronometry competitions, making it the most titled brand of all time.


Absolute record of chronometry prizes for Zenith

Over 600 movements variations and 300 patents composed the collection of from onboard instruments, pocket-watches to wirstwatches.

 In 1948 they launched the famous Calibre 135, a 29.3 mm chronometer movement featuring a small seconds display. It was rewarded by no less than 235 chronometry prizes. 


Another iconic movement is produced 12 years later, called Caliber 5011 K. It equipped marine chronometers, pockets chronometer and the famous Pilot Montre d’Aéronef Type 20.


Zenith was for decades well known for its chronographs for which they received several awards. And several times the story of Zenith blended with History with a capital letter.


Rolex 4030 caliber aka modified El Primero for Rolex

In 1991, Zenith produced only automatic chronographs and bought other calibers to ETA (like the 2892). With the demand growth of mechanical movements in the watchmaking market, the Manufacture planned to develop a new automatic movement, manufactured in Le Locle. First movement designed by CAO, Zenith launched the automatic Elite caliber in 1994. It’s is actually one of the most reliable manufacture caliber in the market.


Zenith Captain Ultra Thin

In 2014, Zenith has begun a surprising collaboration with the Rolling Stones and launches now a new El Primero Chronomaster 1969, with tongue and lips logo at 6 o’clock. We sincerely love El Primero, but this interpretation is far from “Haute Horlogerie” and “tradition” we love.


Zenith El Primero 1969 Tribute to the Rolling Stones

After several years of incertitudes, LVMH acquires Zenith in 1999 and the Swiss brand joins the Group portfolio of Brands in the Watch & Jewelry segment. Since the LVMH acquisition, the company focus only in mechanical movements in the prestige segment. The current CEO of the company is Aldo Magada, who replaced Jean-Frédéric Dufour in 2014 as Mr. Dufour joined Rolex as new CEO in the same year.


Aldo-Magada, Zenith SA CEO

Zenith key figures, a solid growth

Zenith is today offering one of the best collections 100% manufacture movement in the price range between €5’000 to €10’000 retail price with an impeccable quality. For many years now, the company tends to translate classical into timeless, not conservative and also to find the right balance between emotional and concrete value.


Zenith has a strong business thanks to a good control of its distribution and their Asian activities that drives growth. With 867 points of sales around the world (by June 2014), the offer a worldwide coverage with great customer service.

As we know, Distribution is crucial. Only good qualitative point of sales are capable to maintain a longterm business and Zenith operates with the best partners in each region.

Since 2010, there is a strong aim to make Zenith one of the leading brands in its segment. For that, in 2010, the Locle company launched El Primero Striking 10th, of which the sweep seconds-hand displays tenths of a second. In 2011, The Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix (GPHG) awards the Best Complicated Watch Prize to the Academy Christophe Colomb Équation du Temps. With constant efforts made to improve all collections and focus on the company’s strengths, Zenith sales have been in constant growth. 2014 was a tricky year based on certain events like the Russian -Ukraine events, tensions between China and Hong Kong or from a commercial point of view, the Brand lack of presence in the Duty free business in Europe.

Of course several brands focus on Sell-in, meaning the sales made between the brand and its distributors. But at the end the interesting figure remains the Sell-out, meaning the overall sales made from end-consumer sales made by retailers. And in this point, Zenith figures are pretty much in a sustainable growth as well. The brand has been putting a lot of efforts to keep a healthy sell-out, which naturally drives sell-in sales. We can congratulate the Brand with a star to keep a strong commercial relationship with all partners around the world. A healthy business means also a longterm approach and a stable development.

2015 at Zenith, a year of celebration


In terms of strategy, Zenith will definitely focus in the incoming years on its strong icons. And the primarily one is El Primero.  They will also focus more and more in Haute Horlogerie as the segment in which they are present is a complex one. They are in the first part of the high-end brands, which makes Zenith position between premium (up to $5’000) and high-end brands.


2015 will also be Zenith 150th anniversary. A strong and important date to renew the loyalty of the company to its fans, partners and employees. We might also see a special limited anniversary edition at Baselworld 2015, that will kick-off the year of celebration. We do not have more information about it but we look forward seeing the great novelties Zenith will prepare.

In conclusion, Zenith is a brand that crossed the different years and decades thanks to strong convictions. Each single watch, movement, component have been created, produced and built in ways that only Zenith knows. Their watches are great ambassadors of Swiss ingenuity and excellence at work. As we say “shoot for the moon, if you miss, at least you will end up among the stars”. Go Zenith.

Sébastien Eich & LA


Info sourced at Zenith, wikipedia and WatchTime. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available. 

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Le Richemont Autumn menu and the art or making you feel at home.


There is nothing more unnatural than being away from home. Away from the ones we love and the places we are use to. At the same time, traveling is an unique chance to discover something different, something new or something worth knowing in a lifetime. There is one key place generally for all your travels, it is the hotel you choose for your staying. In this sense, Le Richemond Geneva has everything you might need.


Perfect location, amazing installations, gentle and efficient employees and an amazing kitchen. And if there is something you appreciate when you are away from home is a great meal. of course if you live in Geneva, you can always give yourself a little indulgence by discovering the chef’s menu. Last week, LuxuryActivist team discovered an amazing new Autumn Menu, in which some of the meals were gathered as a global menu throughout all Dorchester Collection hotels in the world. A true pleasure for the senses.


Room service, more important than you think

Dorchester Collection decided to have a Signature collection of exclusive meals dedicated to Room service. Why giving such attention to Room service? Actually, it is a matter of taking care of our customer in the moments they might need the most. Did you ever think about who and when someone orders Room Service?
If you travel for business, there are 2 reasons why you would order room service rather than being in a business lunch or diner. The first one, you arrived very late, your flight was delayed and you end up in your room, tired from your trip and wishing your trip has been easier. At that precise moment, you hope that room service will be amazing as i will bring you a little comfort before a well deserved “short night”. Or you might be at the end of your trip, all your meetings went well and now you have a last night before your early flight in the next morning. You are tired and the only thing you dream about is the amazing big comfortable bed of your hotel room and a good tasteful room service.

If you travel for leisure and pleasure, room service might be the perfect occasion for a romantic evening, a way to rest after a long day of shopping and visits or of course if you have a small child, a way to keep an eye on him while he’s sleeping. For all these reasons and perhaps many more, there room service is something you will appreciate and enjoy in the hotel you stay. The Dorchester Collection hotels developed an amazing menu exclusively for room service. It is a signature collection of meals that you will be able to find in all hotels of the group. Remember that amazing sandwich you tried in Geneva? You can find it now elsewhere. Or that super healthy Minestrone you tried in Los Angeles? Now you have it at the Richemond Geneva. It is all about making you feel at home while traveling and also giving you a feeling of being reassured by something you already know from somewhere else. 3 meals were presented to us: Swiss Delice by Le Richemond Geneva, Butter lettuce Salad by the 45 Park Lane and a Garden Vegetable Soup by the Bel-Air Los Angeles. Here is a focus on the Swiss Delice.

Swiss Delice, sandwich as a Swiss masterpiece

Being proud of its Swiss roots, Le Richemont Geneva has being very active within the creation of one of the meals part of the room service signature collection. The Head Chef, Arnaud Bailly, created an amazing sandwich called Swiss Delice. This sandwich is noe part of this exclusive menu you might find in all Dorchester Collection hotels.




The Swiss Delice is a Wholemeal bread, Gruyère and Grison dried-beef. It was invented by Arnaud Bailly in Le Richemond. It is 100% Swiss. Only products from Switzerland. Arnaud Bailly explained that the bread was made with a special flour, labelled GRTA – Genève Region Terre d’Avenir. This is a label of guarantee created by the State of Geneva in 2004. The canton is the owner and guarantor of the label which enables consumers to identify products from the Geneva region. The GRTA label is granted to many different kinds of fresh and processed products. By facilitating consumer familiarity with local products, the GRTA label contributes to fostering closer links between farmers and residents in the region.You can read more here:ève-région-terre-avenir

Garden Vegetable Soup – Modern Minestrone

Chef Wolfgang Puck from Bail-Air Los Angeles hotel, created a healthy and tasty vegetable soup. Leeks, potatoes, onions,celery, courgettes, green beans, carrots and pistou. Healthy food for healthy people.


Butter lettuce salad by 45 Park Lane. Sculptural

The London 45 Park Lane chef thought that “simple is beautiful”. By creating a stunning tower of fresh ingredients, this salad is the perfect choice of a light meal or an accompaniment. Lettuce, Avocado, Point Reynes blue cheese, cherry tomatoes and herb vinaigrette.


With these amazing signature collection meals, The Dorchester collection hotels propose an amazing and beautiful experience to their guests. Ms. Lou -Salomé Genin, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Le Richemond explained that the aim of the Group is to take good care of its customers who travel around the world. By having this signature collection, it is a sort of reassuring familiarity that is provided to the regular customers. A meal that you love in the Los Angeles room service, now you can find it everywhere. It is a way to differentiate Dorchester Collection hotels from competition by proposing this great service.

Le Jardin, a little paradise in the heart of Geneva

Geneva has amazing restaurants, some are very local and others take inspiration from further lands. Geneva is one of the most international cities in Switzerland. More than 120 nationalities are present. This richness bring tremendous opportunities for restaurants to surprise you. And Le Jardin is one of these great surprises that Geneva has to offer. Located in the heart of Le Richemond Hotel, Le Jardin offers a very colorful and inventive cuisine sourcing inspiration in the Mediterranean region as well as in Switzerland. Master chef Arnaud Bailly explains that he likes to work with products that surround him because of their freshness and the valorization of local know-how. Supported by chef Philippe Bourrel (Le Jardin Chef), both have an amazing previous experience at Alain Ducasse and it is his lively, fresh and colorful style that these 2 culinary artists perpetuate year after year. The terrasse is a great asset during Spring and Summer time. Le Jardin has also a specificity for very special occasions: a private table. Up to 16 people, you can share a personal moment with your closest ones. The revelation of the Autumn Menu was a very special moment. Expectations are high for a 15/20 at the Gault & Millau restaurant. Here is the details.

Roasted Sea Scallops, potatoes gnocchi and white truffle.

By blending the Sea Scallops and the white Truffle, this is an amazing facetted meal. You need to love gastronomy to being able to develop such delicate meal. Well done.


Hay-Smoked Venison loin, grand veneur sauce, autumn vegetables

In Switzerland, when Autumn arrives, the hunting menu is a strong tradition. Every restaurant invites their customers to taste special meals based on hunted animals. Le Richemond has chosen Venison, which is very subtle and tasteful at the same time.


Chef-Confectioner Sébastien Quazzola, imagined 2 surprising deserts. The are all made of contrasts, for the pleasure of the eyes and the mouth. They look like contemporary sculptures made by artists. And artists they are.

Peppermint Pineapple carpaccio, exotic crumble and mango sorbet.

Exotic pleasure of tropical fruits highlighted by a crispy peppermint and a beautiful display. The Pineapple served in Carpaccio changes the appreciation in mouth for a delicious water-mouthering effect.


Poached Pear with Vanilla and Ginger, Crumble with sugared almonds, milk ice cream

A very romantic desert, like a fairy tale on a plate. It is a modern reinterpretation of the traditional Poire pochée. The delicacy of this display, reveals great talent and you will be seduced right away.


Switzerland has true talents who know how to highlight the beauty of things. Precision, quality, passion, craftmanship are not only attributes dedicated to Swiss watchmaking. It is also in gastronomy. Le Richemont is one of the stars of Geneva. The Dorchester Collection hotels gather the best of the best of the Hotel industry. Talents are all over the world and it takes a lot of vision to collect them and make them work at their best. You can visit Le Richemond website to get more details about this amazing hotel in Geneva. You will discover many treasures like the Sisley Spa.

Bon appetite.



Info sourced at the exclusive event by Le Richemont. The hotel image source here. All images from the event by Sébastien Eich. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available. 

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Lausanne Palace Sunday brunch, Chill-out with style


Last Sunday, LuxuryActivist tried the Sunday Brunch at Lausanne Palace. In Lausanne, there are not so many places dedicated to Brunch as it is not really something yet integrated in the Swiss culture. The Lausanne Palace is definitely an unique place that will make you feel at ease by the warm atmosphere, the gentle and efficient personnel and the quality of their structure and installations. In short: pure luxury experience.


The Lausanne Palace, luxury at the right place

The Lausanne Palace is a 5 stars hotel that would deserve a ranking of its own. In a very beautiful Belle Epoque style, this 146 bedrooms hotel welcomes you in the heart of Lausanne. It was initially opened in 1915. Since 1980, it is the official residence of all presidents of the Olympic committee. In 1989, Ute Funke, the German millionaire acquires the Lausanne Palace. She opens a Spa, a Conference center and a underground parking. Since then, it is one of the top addresses. Several celebrities stayed at the Lausanne Palace. From Queen Elisabeth, to Rita Hayworth, Charlie Chaplin, Orson Wells, Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel or the Rolling Stones just to quote a few. Ute Funke invested more than 60 million euros to modernize the hotel and today the 4 restaurants are amazing culinary destinations.

Côté Jardin, a little paradise with a view

Côté Jardin is one of the 4 restaurants of Lausanne Palace. It is one of the rarest restaurants in the Lausanne city center that you can enjoy an amazing meal in a terrasse with a beautiful view to the Leman Lake. The menu has a mediterranean inspiration and everyone can find something that will please his senses. The restaurant it self has a very bright ambiance and the decoration is as trendy as perfectly fitting the spirit of the place.


Côté Jardin Sunday brunch, a nice chill-out moment

Everything on the sunday brunch is prepared to make you experience a nice moment. From the first minutes, you are impressed by the luminosity, the space, the view to the lake and the kindness of the personnel. When you chose to spend some of your Sunday afternoon in a luxury hotel, you wish that your experience is great. In terms of menu, you have a great choice of warm, cold salty and sugary meals and delights. The team of the restaurant is discreet and efficient, so they will not disturb the precious moment you spend with your family, best friend or lover. They welcome you with a nice glass of champagne, which always help to get to a good mood.

The highlights: The octopus salad, the Risotto croquettes and the amazing mozzarella that would melt like butter in your mouth. From a desert point of view, everything was amazing. Mini Tiramisu, mini Creme Brulé, Lemon Pie meringue… The only thing we missed in the buffet was a selection of fresh juices from the fresh squeezed fruit. At this level of detail, the multivitaminé and the pasteurized Pinapple juice were not really “coherent”. So some room for improvement. Of course you could order a fresh juice à la carte, but it was a pity that you could not enjoy it in the buffet. Being in Switzerland we need to highlight to amazing things in the buffet, a great collection of cheese and the amazing Double-cream from Gruyere and its meringue.


For CHF78 per person (around $80) you have an amazing choice of meals in an amazing place. For children under 12 years old they only pay CHF45 ($46). Visit the official website for more details about the Sunday brunch and the Lausanne Palace. Please note they have other restaurants and an amazing Spa with a swimming pool. It is by far the best Hotel of Lausanne.

When you spend a perfect Sunday afternoon, you only wish one single thing: to do it again!



Info sourced during the Sunday brunch at Lausanne Palace. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.

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Victorinox opens new Flagship store in Zürich


Victorinox is celebrating its 130 years. To mark this amazing anniversary the Swiss brand is opening a new Flagship store in Zürich at Rennweg 58. It is a few steps from the prestigious Bahnhofstrasse, one of the most central commercial areas in Zürich. The store has 220m2 and proposes the 6 divisions of the Swiss brand: Pocket and kitchen knives, Timepieces, Luggage, Fragrances and Fashion.

The company has been wanting to open a flagship store in Zurich for some time, and now its patient search has finally paid off: the long-established Swiss brand has opened its latest store in an optimal location at Rennweg 58. It is the fourth store in Switzerland and just a stone’s throw from Ibach-Schwyz, where Victorinox was first established.



When you enter the store, you dive into the amazing world of Victorinox. Everything is done in a way that you will immediately understand the company’s values: Quality, Functionality, Innovation and Iconic Design. The store concept was done by Blocher Blocher Partners and the creative zone by MACH Architektur GmbH. Colors, materials, shapes and spaces were cleverly designed in order to give a pleasant experience to each visitor. From efficiency to beauty, the new Flagship store is a beautiful place for beautiful shopping.




You can find some special products like the knife assembler. A special kit that you can purchase and that will allow you to assemble your own knife in the store. And this is an experience you need to do once in your lifetime if you are a big fan of the brand.


As 2014 is the 130th anniversary of Victorinox, the Timepice division developed a special product and a special kit that will remind you how special the Swiss company is and how relevant the creative universe of the brand remains after all these years.


In the special creative section of the store, you will discover an amazing interactive knife station. This multimedia tool will allow you to create your own knife. The experience is enhanced with a rotative display that will allow you choose the scales for your knife. Once the digital protocol is done, you can get your personalized knife on the spot.


This is what Victorinox CEO Carl Elsener explains about this new Flagship store: “The flagship store on Rennweg is another important presence for Victorinox in Switzerland. It gives us a space to present our wide range of products to optimal effect and to make each purchase an experience for our customers. We have a flagship store in Geneva and brand stores in Brunnen on Lake Lucerne and Zurich Airport, now our customers can discover the Victorinox brand right in the centre of Zurich.
After very successful store openings in Germany (Dusseldorf and Cologne), in the UK (London) and in the USA (NY), it is a strong symbol for Victorinox to open a new store in Switzerland. The Swiss brand definitely wishes to be a Prophet in its own land. Victorinox has already a nice flagship store in Geneva and 3 brand stores: Brunnen (with an interactive Museum) and 2 other stores at Zürich airport (air and land side). Victorinox has been growing its Retail strategy by choosing the best locations in each city. This allows the brand to benefit from a natural traffic made of local people as well as tourists. In this sense the Geneva Flagship store is one of the most profitable.
Carl Elsener, the company CEO, wishes to develop Victorinox in the respect of the conpany values and to create a pleasant and efficient shopping experience.
Switzerland has true treasures of ingenuity. Most of them are great country ambassadors. Victorinox became an universal symbol of the Swiss spirit all over the world. Each store they open is a bit of Switzerland they bring around the world. Something to be proud of.



Info sourced at the Victorinox opening event and the official communication release. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available. 

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Sisley Eau du Soir 2015 Limited edition, wild and chic


For the past 13 years, Sisley has always meet all fans expectancies in Christmas by launching each year a new Eau du Soir Limited edition. This year, the iconic flacon dresses Savannah style. Exquisite elegance for an amazing limited edition. Only 8’000 units in the world and LuxuryActivist was able to get one.


Eau du Soir, an amazing rendez-vous with exceptional elegance.

Scent of a large olfactory contrasts wealth, Eau du Soir gradually reveals subtle notes of a perfect balance between freshness of citrus notes, the sensuality of floral notes and chypre, intensity amber notes and musk . Since its launch in 1990, Sisley Eau du Soir conquered the heart of thousands of women all over the world. From 2003 until today, Sisley brings the magic of Christmas to Eau du Soir. Every year, the French beauty brand reveals a new limited edition for the Holiday season. It is an important appointment with fans who wait during one entire year to see what beautiful dream will be presented. As you can see in the image here below, it is probably the most long-lasting limited edition in the Fragrance market. Most of brands will do something one year or two and then, move on to something else. Probably because the concept gets empty after a while. As the Eau du Soir has a very rich universe, there are endless possibilities to build an incredible collection over the years.


The fragrance remains the same. It is the “dress” that changes every Christmas. The iconic flacon dresses up for the beauty of design, graphic contrasts and elegance. The scent reveals a start of Citrus notes like Mandarine and Grapefruit which contrasts with the dazzling notes of Clove and Juniper. The floral heart blooms with Jasmine, Rose and Lilly of the Valley while the base lies in a bed of Labdanum, Patchouli, White musks and Amber. It is a timeless fragrance translating all the elegance, the signature and the richness of Sisley.

2014 Eau du Soir Limited Edition, Savannah spirit

With the new limited edition, Eau du Soir returns in a bold new Limited Edition that is precious, wild and poetic. Resolutely modern and luminous, the 13th edition of Eau du Soir this year transports us to a fresh take on the savannah with intense lapis-lazuli tones. A dadaist nod to a surrealist dream-like fauna as evening falls and the blue sky takes on a deeper hue, just before the night envelops the savannah, making it even more intriguing. The deep and beguiling blue box is adorned with the golden print of a majestic and wild zebra. This surprising decor is applied lightly and transparently to the Eau du Soir bottle.




Sisley signs a new evocative and fleeting creation that plunges us into the heart of nature’s mysterious nocturnal side for this holiday season. If you wish to learn more about Sisley and Eau du Soir, you can visit the official brand website here:

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Christmas is already here. Nice!



Info sourced at Sisley official communication release. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.

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J.M. Weston store re-opening in Geneva. Absolute elegance


In September, J.M. Weston brought the french touch to Geneva in Switzerland by re-opening its emblematic store of 29, Rue de la Croix d’Or. And the result is as subtle as elegant. Geneva has now a true temple for masculine elegance and men can find the latest collections by J.M. Weston in a sort of Curiosity Cabinet, designed by Michel Perry himself.

J.M. Weston and Geneva, a long elegant story

J.M. Weston is probably one of the first international Shoe manufacturer to establish in Geneva more than 30 years ago. So the history of the Brand and the Swiss city are connected. All the well establish business men and women from geneva are loyal customers of the brand. Being in a central position in the city, the J.M. Weston store benefits from a high street traffic. It is a discreet store yet with strong luxury recognizable codes, so you cannot just pass by without stopping and having a look on the window. And if you do that, you end up inside.


Michel Perry creates a rare shopping experience

The store was completely revised by Michel Perry, the Artistic Director of the brand. Mr. Cédric Dauch, head of Communications for the Brand, explained that Michel Perry wishes to create an unique experience in each of J.M. Weston stores in the world. He will be inspired by the city in which the store is located and also by his creative mind. So each store has its unique signature and ambiance yet, all remain coherent with the strong Brand DNA. For this store, he combines equal measures of brushed metal and the charm of wood, as well as natural leather, in a harmonious tribute to Art Deco cabinets—here revamped with 1970s furniture design references—where colour and organic shapes shake up the brand’s elegant, even aristocratic, refinement.


When talking to Michel Perry during the opening event, he explains that his interest on the chosen materials is on their ability to live with time and usage. A store is a place of living, so it needs to be marked by the lines of time, so it gets the “cachet”. All of the brand’s themes are present: beautiful materials; armchairs in leather and exotic wood; and an atmosphere in masculine shades punctuated with grey, black and ocean blue.

J.M. Weston iconic new collections revealed

During the evening, we were able to discover all new models and recent collaborations. Country Gents were at honor as well as the collaboration with Charlie Casely-Hayford. Naturally, the J.M. Weston loafer 180 was one of the stars of the evening as a pure symbol of timeless elegance.






The Special orders space

A very interesting area of the store is the “Special orders” salon. This is how the brand explains this special are: Michel Perry also created a lounge area for a total immersion experience in the expertise of J.M. Weston. This is where sales advisers help customers to design their fabulous dreamed-up items with special order service. It is a private and confidential space where customers can select from a range of leathers, colours, and meticulous finishes in order to create their own unique pair of shoes or large and small leather goods.
The lucky customer will be able to chose from a selection of 180 possible combinations. Dazzling box calfskin mixed with soft suede calfskin, or exotic leathers, are also given pride of place: customers can select ostrich and reptile leathers, such as lizard or alligator. You can also choose the stitching, laces, and sole—a collection of details that will make your J.M. Weston pieces unique, while remaining affordable. Once your order finalized, you will need to wait 10 weeks to have your shoes produced by hand in the J.M. Weston manufacture in Limoges – France. There is more than 100 different operations in the production of a J.M. Weston shoe. Each piece is manually assembled by an expert artisan. Here are some examples of special orders made in the manufacture.


You can check the brand official website to get more information: or visit the new Brand store in Geneva. Here is the address:
J.M. Weston
29, Rue de la Croix d’Or
1204 Geneve
Tel : + 41 (0)22 311 85 40
Fax : + 41 (0)22 310 91 35

Switzerland is an important market for J.M.Weston as Swiss people generally give attention to details, quality and stability. The French brand has definitely everything to please the Swiss Market.


Info sourced at the J.M. Weston store event and official communications. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available. 


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#thierrymugler #ss215 #DavidKoma

#thierrymugler #ss215 #DavidKoma

#thierrymugler #ss215 #DavidKoma