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The Perfect Bridal Skincare Regime For A Healthy Glow


A few months before your wedding, you’ve made great strides to make sure you appear picture-perfect from top to bottom. Your glittering silver gown is accented by the tiara at the top. You feel elegant and confident – no one can divert the attention away from you on your wedding day! But before practicing to walk down the aisle, you take a look in the mirror to see acne, fine lines, and pimples resting between your brows. Reality dawns on you: no one is immune to complicated skin conditions, not even a bride. That is why you need to utilize the months before the wedding to focus on skincare so you appear your best on the wedding day.

Yes, it is indeed possible to achieve that radiant skin with a natural glow – all you need to do is follow a skincare regime while paying attention to detail. Here are some tips to help you achieve gorgeous skin before your wedding day.

Use moisturizer

Not using moisturizer every day is one of the biggest skin care mistakes you could make leading up to your wedding. Whether you wash your face once in a morning or couple of times in a day, apply a moisturizer after the water dries; this is the time when the liquid absorbs best and the skin is porous.

If you have oily complexion, you can use an oil-free moisturizer that is applicable once a day, while brides with dry skin can use a regular one that is applied twice a day in morning and at night. When moisturizing, remember to focus on the dry and oily areas of your body, and apply accordingly.

Remove unwanted hair

Waxing is a great way to remove unwanted hair from your arms, underarms, legs, and other areas of your body; the choice of waxing a single body part or the whole body is entirely yours. However, make sure to get an experienced professional to perform the task; otherwise it may result in pain, which can sometimes be unbearable too. Waxing can be done on a regular basis a few months before the wedding as well as a few days before the big occasion.

There is also the option of laser hair removal, which allows brides to kiss the painful process of removing hair from waxes and creams goodbye. Laser hair removal clinics are located throughout the state in the US and many of them offer free consultations. Advanced skin care clinics may also provide other services that brides may find useful, such as skin rejuvenation.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water is good for health – it’s no secret. And there are studies stating that drinking more H20 would give you healthier skin. One a side note, it won’t hurt to remove carbonated beverages from your diet and consume more H20 instead (your waistline would thank you as well).

Drinking two or more glasses per day will also improve blood flow to the skin, which will give one of the biggest organs of your body much needed rejuvenation. Staying dehydrated can make wrinkles and fine lines more prominent, so develop a routine to drink plenty of water every day before and even after your wedding to look and feel your best when it comes to the appearance of your skin.


Facial and toner

You’ll find facial in almost every pre-bridal package you scrutinize or sign up for. The facial you should go for depends on your skin type (dry, normal, or oily) as well as any conditions of your skin (acne, a few pimples, or thoroughly clean). It is recommended to opt for facials that use ingredients known to supply essential nutrients to your skin such as mint, honey, apple, cucumber and strawberries.

Toners would also work well to help you achieve that tip-top skin glow for the wedding day. Skip toners that include alcohol, as they can result in dryness of the skin surface, blocking the impurities that lie beneath. Brides with oily skin should take extra care and avoid over drying their skin. Toners that include AHAs are a better option as they free up clogged pores and helps in promoting the smooth texture of the skin. A good option can be a clean cotton pad dipped in cucumber water and applied to the skin.

Liz Becker

Info sourced by the author for All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available. Images sources here, and here.

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The JM Weston loafer N.180, icons are forever.


While fashion trends pass by and might never come back, icons are forever. In masculine elegance and refinement one of the ultimate icons is the JM Weston Loafer N.180. Created by the French luxury house after the Second World War, around 1946, it entered naturally in any gentlemen wardrobe. We needed to wait until the 60′s to see the jM Weston Moccasin to become the symbol of its time and the icon of a generation.

1960′s, the Drugstore band: rebels with Penny loafers

The 60′s were interesting times. Europe was finally free from the war trauma and what was supposed to be rebuilt was rebuilt. The young generations in the working class in London became opinion leaders for Fashion, music and culture. We call them Mods’ for Modern. France is not left aside. The 60′s see the arrival of the Drugstore band in Paris. These young people are wealthy, from good families, bourgeoise and Aristocratic, Western-Parisian and completely in rejection of their parents habits.

They use fashion from Renoma, pick up one thing or another at their parents clothes and young men wear JM Weston Penny Loafers without socks. They used to hang-out at the Champs Elysées Publicis Drugstore. Fashion, music, arts and parties were part of this culture. We used to call them “Minets”, french translation for “young cats” in reference of their young age. They were young, they had money and above all: they had the attitude of opinion leaders, setting the trends. By revisiting clothes, shoes and accessories, they brought a new excitement to the classics.

The JM Weston Moccasin 180 became the symbol of a new modernism, associated to the trendsetters and because of this exciting period of history, gave the iconic shoe the wings of timeless modernity that never goes out of style. Did you know why we call it Penny Loafers? It is a very simple yet interesting fact. On the leather Buckle in front of the shoe, there was a little space in which you could insert a little coin, a penny (a real one).

Many Minets from the Drugstore band would wear their loafers with the shinning little coin. Several explanations for that. Some people would say they would simply customize their shoes in order to look different, others would say that with a penny you could do a phone call in case of need. In any case it was definitely a fashion detail. 
Since the 60′s, the JM Weston Moccasin 180 evolved but kept the essential look of a certain decontracted elegance.

Moccasin 180, the JM Weston spirit


Generations of Men decided to add the JM Weston Mocassin 180 to their garde-robes as a statement of elegance and contemporary style. From Presidents, to Super star artists, business men, yachting or just for the pleasure of a weekend, the Mocassin will always be there for you. It will be the final touch of a Men’s look.
Today, different models, different looks and different materials represent the full collection. At JM Weston, each model is made at their Manufacture in Limoges, France.
JM Weston Tannery and Manufacture
They also have their own Tannery, so they control the entire process from the choice of leathers to the commercialization. Michel Perry is the Creative and Artistic Director of the Brand and he masters every year the art of surprising us with new, yet consistent collections and models.
JM Weston style

JM Weston Mocassin style

JM Weston Loafers style

Loafers 180 JM Weston
You can see more about the Brand and its values by accessing the official website:
If you have a Facebook profile, check the official fan page and follow every week the Brand adventures.
JM Weston look
When it comes to style, French savoir-faire has something more than what you see. It is simply a matter of attitude. And on this field, JM Weston has a lot of attitude.


All info sourced at JM Weston official page, and wikipedia. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.

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The landscape in painting, an art genre.


For centuries, landscapes were considered as a minor genre in western art. Portrait was something more noble, or “nature-morte” as well. There was always something more important to pay attention to than Landscape. Yet, in history certain nations like Ancient China or Rome as well as Russia in the 19th century, have developed an extraordinary know how in painting landscapes.

It all started with a wise man on top of a mountain

Landscape art is the depiction in art of landscapes, natural scenery such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, and forests, and especially art where the main subject is a wide view, with its elements arranged into a coherent composition (source: wikipedia). If we had to wait until the 19th century romantism to see landscape art burst in Europe, in China it was already a major art in the year 600. Like this Sui Dynasty Chinese landscape painting by Zhan Ziqian.
Zhan Ziqian landscape
The earliest “pure landscapes” with no human figures are frescos from Minoan Greece of around 1500 BCE. From a contemporary point of view, the European Romanticism in the 19th century brought a deep dimension to the landscape art.

19th Century Romanticism, and the landscape became a major art

The Romanticism movement started at the end of the 18th century but its peak really happened around 1850. This movement was in a way a rejection of all the rationalization brought by the philosophers in Renaissance as well as the industrial revolution. The world became suddenly explained at all levels.
The end of the 18th century also brought great advancements in Botany and biology, so in a way, we lost the mystery of nature and our eyes looked at things from an analytical perspective. The 19th century tried to rebalance this situation. It was a complete change of mindset. Nature was not seen with the eyes of Botanists but with the words of the poet. Biologists let the room to painters and Physicists were replaced by Musicians.
Rousseau was replaced by Henri Wallis, Petrarque by Allan Poe. In art, the landscape became a contemplation scenery. Men faces the vast dimension of natural wonders and contemplates the landscape as well as he meditates about the meaning of his life. The relationship between man and what surrounds him becomes more deeper, more sensitive. Here a painting from Caspar David Friedrich – Wanderer above the sea of fog – that illustrates precisely this idea.
Caspar David Friedrich
Several countries explored landscape in different contexts, always with this romantic layer. Germany was definitely one of the leading countries, especially in literature and painting. Another very interesting country that shaped the art of landscape during the 19th century is Russia. Russian painters had a special sensitivity that transformed landscape art into an iconic master trend.

Russian Landscape art, revealing the Russian soul

Russia in 1860′s, was going through a modernization process, a true transformation in which industrialization would bring you down to reality. There were no more mysteries in nature. Everything was made possible by technical innovations. What would be the position of Russian artists? Some of them would completely turn their back to academicism. They would seek the Russian soul by dressing their art with romanticism and with the idea that men and nature are connected.
The existence of men would be defined by the proper essence of the natural environment that surrounds us.
Artists like Ivan Aivazovsky, Ivan Shishkin or Arkhip Kuindzhi, will explore natural landscapes as a main topic in which men are accessories of decor. Their purpose is to get you in the frame, to allow you to project your own feelings and think about your own life.
Why Russia? Probably because of the amazing landscapes and natural scenery. From great planes, to Siberia, caucasian mountains or the Black sea. Different contexts that would inspire more than one artist.
Ivan Aivazovsky is probably the greatest of all. He was definitely a reference for this artistic trend in Russia. He is also considered as the greatest Marine painters in history.
Ivan Aivazovsky
After studying at the Imperial Academy of Arts, he took the opportunity to travel across Europe and landed in Italy. After his return to Russia he was appointed as the official painter of the Russian Navy. Aivazovsky became very popular in Russia and also abroad. He was one the rarest Russian artists to hold solo exhibitions in Europe and even in the United States.
Russia got a great 19th century of painters. The Russian romanticism was special because of their extraordinary cultural influences and amazing natural environment.
If you wish to learn more about this incredible Russian art period, there is an exhibition started in Switzerland. It is called “Magic of Russian Landscapes“. At the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts in Lausanne, you will be able to discover great artists and probably an interesting look into this specific period in the Russian history.
This is what the museum says: “For the first time in Switzerland, the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts in Lausanne is showing an outstanding collection of major works from the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.
Magic of Russian landscapes
Around seventy paintings document the finest achievements of the Russian landscape school in the 19th century
.” You will be able to see artworks from Ivan Aivazovsky, Ivan Shishkin, Arkhip Kuindzhi, Mikhail Nesterov, Ilya Repin, Alexei Savrasov, and Vasily Vereshchagin.
Ms Tatiana Karpova, Deputy Director of the State Deputy Director of the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, and Catherine Lepdor, Head Curator of the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts in Lausanne, are the curators of this exhibition. This year Switzerland and Russia are celebrating their 200th anniversary of diplomatic relationships. So this exhibition is the perfect way to celebrate it. The Museum also highlights the generous support of the Honorary Consulate of the Russian Federation in Lausanne.
Russian Landscape art

Russian Landscape art exhibition

Russian Landscape art paintingsRussian Landscape artists

Russian Landscape art 19th century

Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts in Lausanne
Palais de Rumine, C.P.
Place de la Riponne 6
CH – 1014 Lausanne
Tél: +41 21 316 34 45
Fax +41 21 316 34 46
Magic of Russian Landscapes: until October 5th 2014.

More than ever, humankind needs to reconnect with its true nature. The modern world can sometimes extract people from their natural condition. The 19th century painters are still valuable to remind us that at the end we should just be a wise man on top of a mountain.

Magic of Russian landscape

Info sourced at the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts in Lausanne and wikipedia. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.

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Angel Eau Sucrée, glamour princess goes on holidays


Thierry Mugler is probably one of the most glamorous brands in the entire perfumery industry. Everything they do in perfumery creation is bold and plays the original ideas at 100%. This means no compromise. And that’s the way perfumery brands should be. This summer, the French perfumery brand is launching Angel Eau Sucrée, a summer interpretation of its iconic perfume, Angel. Love it or hate it, Angel Eau Sucrée does not go middle-road. It takes the fast lane to Glamour.


In 2012, Angel celebrated its 20th birthday. And this is a rare and unique milestone in such a contemporary launch. It means that Angel trigged something in many women’s heart, something that connect all these women together, as powerful as sexy. There is never too much, when it comes to the Angel woman. As someone I know used to say: “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere”. The Angel woman definitely goes wherever she wants. The only condition: be bold, stylish and ultra-glamour. And glamour is at all levels in this summer chapter of the Angel story. With the launch of Angel Eau Sucrée, Thierry Mugler emphasizes all Angel strong distinctive facets: Gourmand, Glamour and Powerful.

Angel Eau Sucrée, the name

At the first sight, I was not sure I liked the name. It sounded to me not powerful enough for the Angel woman. There was something in the name that was bothering me until I got it.

Angel Eau sucrée is the height of luxury and gourmandise. Angel is so glamorous that even the water is more than water. More seriously, Eau Sucrée (in French Sugary Water) reflects several strong ideas: childhood, misleading innocence and luxury confectionery. It is summer, sun is shinning and you experience the taste of lust… beware of Angels.

Angel Eau Sucrée, the outer-packaging

Completely aligned with a luxury confectionery universe, the Angel Eau Sucrée outer-packaging will immediately transport you to a dream. Between fairy tales and Sex in the city, it will put a smile on your face. The Angel blue get a graphic fantasy. The Angel logo is surrounded by a seal like the ones you find on luxury cakes and macarons boxes. The vertical stripes comes directly from luxury confectioneries stores that you can find in London or in New York.


Angel Eau Sucrée, the flacon

For this new creation, the Angel star flacon gets a new dress. The Angel 50ML non-refillable flacon dresses with a delicate rain of small sugar drops. As precious as gourmand, this new star will shine during your summer.

Thierry Mugler proves once more the endless limits of the Angel flacon. For the past 20 years, the French brand always found new ways to revisit the iconic flacon, always translating perfectly the concept of the new variation. When you wear this fragrance, the contact between your hand and the flacon will already place you in a sensorial experience.

Angel Eau Sucrée, the fragrance

What to say more about the Angel fragrance? Angel original is already the queen of gourmand. Here, with the Eau Sucrée variation, Thierry Mugler goes deeper in the gourmandise theme. Less woody Patchouli and sensual than the original Angel, Angel Eau Sucrée will explore the gourmandise, the lust and the overdose of Angel. Caramel, meringue and red berries will complete the water-mouthering effect of this fragrance.

Angel fans might find it as a juicier version of Angel and non-Angel fans might find a easier door to the universe of the blue fragrance. The juicy notes on top will reflect the brightness of a red-fruits granité wrapped with a tasteful meringue with hints of vanilla. Do you think it is too much? Well, it is Angel by Thierry Mugler. No averages. Thierry Mugler welcomes Dorothée Piot, the perfumer behind Angel Eau Parfumée. Dorothée Piot is a perfumer at Robertet, one of the most beautiful French fragrance houses. Their Ingredients palette is probably one of the most qualitative one. Only the best can create the extraordinary. At the end, if you did not like Angel, this will not make you like it now. If you liked Angel, you will like it even more.


In conclusion, Angel Eau Sucrée is an original exercise around a mainstream theme: summer. Some people might like it, other might not, but one thing we will all agree on is the fact that Thierry Mugler plays the game to the end. No compromises. So this summer, be a glamor queen.



Info sourced at the Brand official communication, Osmoz, Fragantica and Product is courtesy of Thierry Mugler. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available. 

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Azzaro pour homme, Summer Edition 2014. The scent of color.


When summer heats the streets, freshness is a matter of wellbeing. Every year, fragrance brands launches several “summer” variations of their iconic fragrances. Rather than giving you a full review, I wanted to share my best for this summer. It is Azzaro Limited Edition summer 2014. When elegance, rythmn and charisma color up your day. Azzaro pour homme is the classic fragrance for men. It became the ultimate icon of masculine elegance. When the original fragrance was launched at the end of the 70′s, Loris Azzaro knew he had invented a new contemporary classic. It was the base of modern masculinity and became the invisible mark of many men.


The iconic brand developed through the years an amazing territory for masculinity and elegance. Today, more than 30 years after the launch of the first fragrance, the charismatic universe of Azzaro is completely aligned with today’s men. This summer, the brand proves it once again by bringing a stylish contemporary vision of the Azzaro man, always ready for a new adventure.


Started last year, this is a series of refreshed Azzaro pour homme. You will find all that an elegant man would need to spend a summer in style. This year, Azzaro, truthful to its latin origins, makes you escape towards more exotic lands. The masculine brand draws its inspiration from Latin America. No precise destination, it is more the imaginary ambiance of being in a place where the sun caress your skin as a new adventure ready to start.


The Flacon is the iconic Azzaro Flacon, geometric, masculine, modern and shaped for a man’s hand. Its design gives the perfect hint of elegance for the modern gentleman. For this limited edition, the French artist Emeric Trahand, as known as Takeshi, created this original drawing inspired from the concept and the olfactory creation. Takeshi is well known for his surrealism style and the fact that he blends several techniques, from illustration to photographic redemption. He is a true poet with colors and masters perfectly the translation of emotions into images.


In terms of olfactory structure, the new creation is a translation of Azzaro pour homme into a summer theme. The aromatic fougère structure of Azzaro is enlighten with crispy Star Anis, fennel and basil accord to start. It gives a dazzling hook to the fragrance, away from the traditional citrus structure that we find usually in this summer theme. That’s why it makes it more original. The heart of the fragrance contrasts between the brightness of Cardamom with a textured Patchouli, Sandalwood and Vetiver trio. Masculinity at its best. The fragrance ends with a modernization of Amber, oak moss, musk and a hint of leather. It is all in contrasts. The perfumer needed to master all these elements in order to bring a contrasted freshness, both bright and elegant. The perfect match for the modern dandy. For a day of work or for a casual weekend, it will be your beautiful companion for this summer.


For more information you can visit the brand official website:  Summer is not necessary a season with less interesting fragrances. At the contrary. It is a season of freedom, with less pressure for creation, and fantasy can deliver the best. It is normal, it is summer.



Info sourced at Azzaro communication release. The product tested was a courtesy of Azzaro Paris. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available. 

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When Roger Federer is in Chocolate heaven with Lindsay Vonn


We know that Switzerland has great mountains, amazing chocolates and some outstanding sportspeople. What happen when all these elements come together? Well, it creates an amazing buzz. The Swiss worldwide renowned chocolate brand Lindt is opening a very special store. It is probably the highest Chocolate store in the world, or at least the highest Lindt chocolate store. It is located in Switzerland at the Jungfraujoch by an altitude of 3’454m.

So the idea of Lindt was to create a very viral video about the exceptional context of being in such exceptional altitude. They developed a series of videos which features Roger Federer, world class tennis champion who invites Lindsay Vonn for a secret challenge. Roger Federer is Swiss, won already 7 times Wimbledon and is always in the top 5 best tennis players in the world. His elegance in the court makes him the perfect gentleman. Lindsay Vonn is an American skier. She was the first American female skier to win an Olympic gold medal and for the past 10 years she ruled the world championships scene. So Lindt picked up the créme-de-la-créme for this amazing video.

The first video started with a nice and innocent Skype call between Roger Federer and Lindsay Vonn. In that call, Roger Federer invites his friend to a challenge. She is very curious but wonder what is all about. See the video here.

In the below video you discover the challenge, basically the highest tennis court in the world and the personal challenge proposed by Roger Federer.

Then Lindt organized the event in which some lucky people would be able to play a little tennis with Roger Federer.

It was a great operation that brought together several elements from Switzerland. Lindt has been one of the greatest chocolate brands in the world which proudly represented Switzerland know how and philosophy of quality. When the confiseur David Sprüngli-Schwarz acquired a chocolate company from famous Rodolph Lindt in 1845, he would not imagine the amazing success story that would bring Lindt 169 years later to a great worldwide success. The company generates a total sales figure of 2.5 billion Swiss francs for a net result of 246.5 million Swiss francs. This month, Lindt acquired the American chocolate company Russell Stover, specialized in Boxes of chocolates. It is an important move for Lindt. With this 1.5 billion dollars purchase, the Swiss company consolidates now a market share of 10% in the entire US market. We can see that the presence of Lindsay Vonn, American skier, might not be without a reason. In deed, by signing her as Brand ambassador, it might help the Swiss brand to increase its brand awareness in the United States. Having Roger Federer and Lindsay Vonn, Lindt confirms its quest for excellence, dedication and quality.

Here are some great pictures from the event:
Roger-Federer-Rolex-Watch-Lindsay-Vonn Lindsay-Vonn-Roger-Federer-Chocolate-Heaven Roger-Federer-Lindt-chocolates Lindsay-Vonn-Chocolate-Heaven

If you wish to know more about this great operation, check the dedicated website: 

When Swiss ingenuity matches world class, the result is “highly” perfect. #ChocolateHeaven



Info sourced at Lindt official communication release, Unruly-Activate-video, wikipedia and Lindt chocolates website. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available. 

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Never Apologize For Owning A Luxury Watch


It’s your money–do what you want with it!

In the next few paragraphs, I am going to present a few good reasons why you should never apologize for owning a luxury watch. But this is probably the best one: It’s your money. You acquired it legally (I hope). You have to answer to no one for how you spend it. It brought you satisfaction for your own reasons. In fact your reasons need not be good ones. There are no bad reasons for owning a luxury item.

Apology is from a Greek word meaning defense. You don’t need a reason. You don’t have to defend yourself. It’s your money. No one has a right to challenge what you do with it.

Philosophically speaking, there is no better way to spend your money. Consider my generalized definition of luxury: It is a good or service with a cost or value above that which you need for utility. By that definition, practically everything we buy is a luxury, at least, to us. As humans, we tend to acquire the nicest things we can comfortably afford. Practically no one who can afford a 2,000 sf. home rents a 600 sf. apartment, all else being equal. A person who can comfortably afford a luxury watch is behaving somewhat obscenely if they purchase an inexpensive, cheaply made watch. If you care about watches and can comfortably afford a good one, you might have to explain why you didn’t buy a luxury watch, but never why you did. Again, it’s your money. You can afford it. It would be counterintuitive to buy anything else.

Here are a few more good reasons for your purchase:

It is a time-honored status symbol

Somewhere along the way, “status symbol” has become a four-letter word. We sometimes like to pretend that status does not matter. We dismiss it as shallow, self-indulgent, and elitist. But we do not live in a world where status does not matter. It absolutely does matter, and we need socially acceptable ways of advertising certain attributes about ourselves. A fine watch is an ancient, noble, and tasteful symbol of many desirable attributes. Wealth, refinement, achievement, and the appreciation of finer things are a few important attributes quietly conveyed by a luxury watch.

It conveys a sense of history

Sometimes preowned watches do an even better job at conveying these attributes. A new watch might imply that you only recently came by some money. You got a raise. You made partner at the firm. You reached an honorable retirement after a lifetime of much appreciated service. These achievements are worth noting. Rather than wearing a chest full of merit badges, metals and ribbons, we wear a fine watch. A preowned watch suggests we have a since of history and our place in it. We are a link in a chain of achievers. A watch passed down from father to son says something about family and connectedness.

Even when a preowned watch is purchased from a dealer, it demonstrates an appreciation of history and tradition that for many represents an important character trait.

It provides patronage for the arts

Most parts of a luxury watch provide utility. But every part of a luxury watch represents artistry. To get a fuller appreciation of this fact, check out this article on the hands of a luxury watch, just the hands. No part of the device is taken for granted. The high end of every product category is what subsidizes the middle and low ends. Style also trickles down from the high end. If not for the artistry at the high end of the watch market, all watches would be ugly and undesirable. What desirable attributes cheap watches have, they got from the expensive ones. There are simply no good cheap watches without the expensive ones showing the way.

There are reasons aplenty to own a luxury watch, but you don’t need any of them. The fact that you want it justifies the watch’s existence. And the fact that you can afford it justifies you having it. Never apologize for good taste, and the appreciation of the finer things in life.

Liz Becker


Info sourced by the author exclusively for Featured image source from All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available. 

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Friday Chronicles #6: iWatch, Dances with wolves?


It is amazing how people suddenly got passionate about Apple iWatch. For the past 10 years brands like Suunto or even Nike have proposed “smart watches” that would measure your health and give you something more than time. Then, when Peeble was launched, there was more buzz about the way it was financed than the product itself. And lately, all the Samsung and many Android gear got most of the time slapped by the press. You can read our full review about it here.
In any case nobody really dared to compare a Rolex, Omega and Patek with those electronic gadgets. And suddenly, Apple decides to launch its iWatch and everybody started to fire up. The feeling of excitement that this incoming product delivers is basically the same as Kevin Costner’s character in Dances with Wolves, when he discovered the “wild west landscapes. So we are all Lt. John J. Dunbar facing the Buffalos.

Apple iWatch is not a watch, it is a wearable electronic device, says Kicking Bird

The all concept of the iWatch or any wearable device produced by an electronic goods company will always be…. An electronic good.
Apple iWatch
Far away the idea of criticizing or to say bad things about a product that is not even launched. It is just a way of defining things the right manner.
The main purpose of a watch is to give time as most accurate as possible despite exterior conditions and the moves of its owner. Some of them are mechanical others with a Quartz movement. All of them serve a main purpose of being a timepiece.
A second purpose, more related to high luxury watches, is the purpose of prestige and the fact that your watch will be your companion every day and probably something you will pass along to your son or daughter.
Patek Philippe Geneve ad
Patek Philippe ad mother and daughter
It is also an amazing proof of craftmanship and ingenuity. All these points make the iWatch far away from the watchmaking territory.

There is only one wrist, like there is one Sitting Bull

Probably one huge detail that most media did not think about is the fact there is only one position in your wrists for a watch. And a part of being Fidel Castro with 2 Rolex watches, you might find difficult to manage more than one watch at the same time.
Fidel Castro RolexFifel Castro 2 Rolex

Fidel Castro had 2 Rolex watches

Getting emotional… not with the iWatch

So would you be emotionally attached to your iWatch as you probably are with your Omega Speedmaster, your Rolex Submariner or your Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso? Probably not. Why so? Well the main reason is the fact that the electronic market developed short product life cycles. Brands are built in 6 month, launched for 2 years, manufacturing a new product every 3 month and then disappearing from our minds and our hearts as fast as they came. Take the iPhone for example. We are all addicted to our iPhone. We could not live without it and even not do 3 steps outside home without the smartphone in the pocket. We even wonder how was life before. In average, each iphone user check his smartphone 150 times a day (source: Mashable). We get very connected to our iphones… Until Apple launches a new one.
All iPhones since the beginning
So every 18 month we get a new iPhone. Who is literally in love with his iphone 3? Apple even officially stopped the support on iphone 3. So Apple educated people to get attached to the next new thing rather to the current products. This is one of the main differences with a real watch. So the iWatch will be by default renewed, revamped, refurbished, remixed and upgraded every 18month with software and hardware. It is not meant to last, it is meant to evolve.

Apple will hire Swiss watch makers, not really…

Since the beginning of the iWatch saga, several people are afraid that Apple would hire top Swiss watch-makers and even produce its iWatch in Switzerland. There is a lot of dreams and imagination going on. Jean Claude Biever declared in the press that several key people working for key Swiss watch brands received offers from the Cupertino company. On this point, lets reassure everybody. No Swiss watch-maker would dream to work for a company as Apple that would never propose a more interesting job that the one (s)he has already. If you are lucky enough to work in the technical field for brands like Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex or Cartier, there is nothing Apple could offer that would replace the interest of those amazing jobs.
This week it was announced in the press that Patrick Pruniaux, Vice-President Sales of Tag Heuer was hired by Apple.
Patrick Pruniaux hired by Apple
So is there a danger for the Swiss watch-making industry? Not really. Even Jean Claude Biever in person declared that he is happy for his collaborator to embrace this new opportunity. He also declared that if Patrick Pruniaux had left for a “competitor” that he would have felt it as a treason. Not in this case. It says a lot in how it is taken.
It is a different product, a different expectation and a different business model.
In conclusion, this new iWatch launch has been generating the biggest buzz Apple has ever had. Actually, every-time Apple is working on a new product, the buzz starts sooner and stronger. The iWatch has been in the press for the past 18 month. Apple has the pressure to succeed where others have failed. So let’s hope that while other brands might get scalped by us indians, Apple will be dancing with wolves.



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Gisele Bundchen, the last Super Model?


Is the time of Super Models over? we tend to believe that Gisele Bundchen is the last real super model in the world. She is like the last of her “species”. The glamorous times of super models are over and if Gisele Bundchen is still at the top of her career, she is the only one.

The After-war period. Back to glamour.

Between the end of the Second World War and the 80′s, the world shaped itself in order to escape from the ghosts of the past. The war changed drastically how people would live their lives and after the chaos, there was a long period of reconstruction and regain of faith. As human beings, we tend to skip the bad memories and focus on the great ones that are still to come. So the post-modern period brought amazing opportunities, great new industries and the world became smaller than we would imagine. The 60′s and the 70′s discovered a new wind of change. Despite the cold war, the world wanted to entertain and to forget about the bad and the worst. Amazing artists, great actors and actresses, singers from heaven and always the aim to enjoy life at its maximum.


From Elisabeth Taylor, to Marilyn Monroe, Ursula Andress, Jane Fonda and even Madonna in the 80′s, the world got its glamour back and definitely wanted to enjoy all of it. Economy was also booming and true fortunes were bursting from every where. And after such an amazing period, the 80′s was the last decade.

The rise of Super Models, older than you think…

After all the glamour of the past 30 years, economic crisis brought a kind of essentiality on things. The end of the 80′s and the beginning of the 90′s was definitely less glamourous. Fortunately for us, super models arrived!
Actually, the expression “Super Models” is not new and the Super models neither. The first time in history that the expression was used in public media was in 1891 for the Strand Magazine. During an interview of artist Henry Stacy Marks, he used the words Super Model while talking about modeling at that time. On 6 October 1942, a writer named Judith Cass had used the term super model for her article in the Chicago Tribune, which headlined Super Models are Signed for Fashion Show (source:wikipiedia). We would wait until the 60′s to meet the one many consider as the first Super Model (as defined today) by the name of Twiggy.  She is definitely the first international super model, known in all continents.


In 1967, the New Yorker dedicates 100 pages on the Twiggy phenomenon. She definitely opened the way to the others.


The 80′s was an interesting time as super models started having super financial deals with brands. Cosmetics and Fashion brands would not hesitate to sign exclusive contracts with these famous faces. So here are some of what we used to call the “Million dollar faces”

  • Iman for Revlon
  • Margaux Hemingway for Fabergé
  • Karen Graham for Estée Lauder
  • Inès de la Fressange for Chanel



At this time, Super Models started embracing the old-style glamour,which would make them replace little by little Movies and Rock stars. The 90′s will definitely see the hegemony of the super models, names and faces well-known all over the world.

The 90′s, Super models world class. 10 years for glamor at high levels

With the 90′s, it is a whole new generation of super models who arrives. Names that still today are in all people’s minds.  One of the perfect illustrations of this period is the video clip of George Michael’s Too Funky. It gathers all the super stars models. The video clip was produced in 1992 with the artistic help of Thierry Mugler.

Here is the list of the most outstanding super models of the 90′s. Of course this list is not fully completed. It just takes the biggest names of international models.

  • Estelle Halliday
  • Claudia Schiffer
  • Cindy Crawford
  • Elle McPherson
  • Linda Evangelista
  • Nadja Auermann
  • Emma Sjöberg
  • Tyra Banks
  • Beverly Peele
  • Shana Zadrick
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Christy Turlington
  • Tatjana Patiz
  • Kate Moss
  •  Helena Christensen
  • Adriana Karembeu
  • Laetitia Casta
  • Eva Herzigová
  • Carla Bruni



The years 2000, the end of Super Models

After 10 good years of glamorous top modeling, the time of these super stars are over. Kate Moss still rules as the “oldest of them” but she works only for certain special projects. The days of these glamor stars are over. Cara Delevigne, Miranda Kerr or Georgia May Jagger are far away of being at that level of iconization. The years 2000 replaced super models by super brands. Burberry or Victoria Secret definitely took over the spotlights. Victoria Secret catwalks became an amazing machine for entertainment and glamor. Check here the 2014 collection. 42mn of pure show.

Despite that Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio are well known, they do not reach the level of the previous super-stars. Probably only one succeeded to reach the star level. it is Gisele Bundchen.

Gisele Bundchen, the last super model

Would Gisele Caroline Nonnenmacher Bündchen have imagine that one day she would be a super star as top model? The 34 years old Brazilian model was born in the South of Brazil, a place with natural beauty and amazing people. Gisele Bundchen was born in a little town called Horizontina. The place was founded a long time ago by German immigrants. She has 5 sisters: Raquel, Graziela, Gabriela, Rafaela and a twin sister Patrícia (photo bellow).
Gisele and Patricia Bundchen
After taking some modeling lessons, she got the second prize at the Elite top model Brazil. She was 13 years old.
Gisele Bundchen young
And then, the magic of Super Models operates. During a school trip to Sâo Paulo, a Model agency spotted Gisele. It was not long that she moved to New York and started the great career that we know.
Gisele Bundchen beginning

Today, Gisele Bundchen is the most well paid Model and she definitely shines brighter than any other star. At 34 years old, She is very active and still catwalking. According to Forbes magazine, she is the most well paid female model in the world with annual earnings of $42 million. See the 2013/14 ranking here.
Nobody really knows how top models will evolve but one thing is sure, we will always need a pretty face on a perfect body.


Gisele Bundchen d&g ad

Info sourced at Forbes magazine, wikipedia, The New York times, Veja and Time. Featured image from Dolce&Gabbana ad, used only for illustration purposes. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.

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Victorinox Swiss Army new Alliance mechanical


Victorinox Swiss Army launched this year a new timeless classic, the new Victorinox Swiss Army Alliance mechanical.  Watchmaking is about details and quality. With the new Alliance, it is all about details and the greatness of them.


Victorinox Swiss Army is the Watch division of Victorinox, the makers of the legendary Swiss Army Knife. This year they celebrate their 130th anniversary and the 25th anniversary for the watch division.


The new Alliance has for the first time a mechanical version that highlights all the sublime of this timeless range. Every detail is amazingly elegant and clever. Ealier during the year, we already reviewed the new beautiful Infantry GMT.

An authentic look, between modernism and classicism



The new Alliance has a strong signature look. The white or the black dial will offer you all the beauty of a classic elegant watch with subtle modern elements. Let’s have a close look into the dial.


Here above you can see the first of all the very classy silver Cross&Shield logo at 12 o’clock. Generally Victorinox always displays its mythical logo in red and white. For this edition, silver brings an unique look, very sharp. The numbers are represented by facetted and sharpened baguettes. Only 3, 6 and 9 o’clock have numeric figures. It contributes to the minimalistic design. Embossed in the dial there is the military hour from 14 to 22 hours. Another important detail is the seconds hand. As you can see in the picture it has the legitimate red color inspired by the Swiss Army Knife. The counter-weight of the seconds hand has a distinctive shape of the Swiss Army knife scales. The word “Automatic” is also highlighted in red so it shows the mechanical version.


In the lower part of the dial, there is the date displayed just on top of 6 o’clock, which is also an originality. Normally, the date is displayed at 3 o’clock and even replacing the 3. Here, not only the date is at 6 o’clock but above the number. The Swiss Made mention is as always on both sided of the 6. Victorinox has its own Watch factory in Porrentruy.



The new Alliance mechanical movement

The new version of the Alliance range is not only new from a outside look perspective. It has also a new mechanical movement. Here are some details about it.

The watch movement is an ETA 2824 mechanical self-winding. It is the perfect movement for a watch of good quality sold at an accessible price. When calibrated correctly, which is the case here, it is a very good, reliable and precise movement. It’s robustness makes  the ETA 2824 the perfect movement for a watch owned by an active man.


The watch itself is a 40mm stainless steel case (316L) with a scratch resistant, triple-coated anti reflective sapphire crystal.
The hands and hour marks are luminescent and the watch is water-resistant at 100m (10ATM, 330ft).  The back-case is transparent so you can see the movement. The version with leather strap has biological tanned leather material.

When functionality rules design, the result is a very contemporary piece of watchmaking. Victorinox has for the past 25 years focused in the essential aspect of its watches, so you have now an amazing catalog of beautiful collections.



info sourced at,,, wikipedia and All information is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.